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4 Interior Designers & Decorators in Bloemfontein

What kind of interior design and decoration can I expect in Bloemfontein?

A dusty, heated town in the South African province of Free State, interior designers and decorators zone- in on truly rustic elements to best complement the desert like scenery outside. Bloemfontein has been known to reach temperatures of 35 degrees celsius on a good day. Therefore, designers and decorators must keep these weather conditions in mind, by styling and designing interiors that the client can walk into a cool, relaxing home at the end of a long hot day. 

Therefore this article will help you find the perfect pieces, styles and practical pieces for living stylishly in Bloemfontein, as well as where and who to contact about doing so. Bloemfontein interior design companies focus heavily on styling and event designs, such as weddings, parties and social gatherings. Many of the Bloemfontein interior design companies handle many design, architectural as well as decorative needs that a client in Bloemfontein may be looking for. This city has had many successful jobs included stunning hotel hallways and lobby’s, themed hotel suites, personal residential bedrooms and residential homes. 

Is there a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Interior designers are skilled in creating functional living spaces by overseeing minor as well as major construction, they also take care of redesigning interiors, and even painting and installation. Interior designers teach their clients how to use the space they have available in their homes to the best of its ability. They also re-create an updated colour scheme, and decoration elements that suit the personalities of the homeowners. The most common services that interior designers offer are room designs, interior layout or floor plan designs, custom made furniture, custom bespoke lighting as well as architectural styling consultations.

Alternatively, an interior decorator does not have as much reign over the site involved. Interior decorators help their clients with creating an ambiance to a room by making all the furniture arrangement decisions as well as the purchasing of decorative pieces like artwork, tables and cushions. One similarity to an interior designer is that the decorator also works closely with contractors, furniture repair companies, specialised painting and light installation services. This is an important job to take on as many homeowners are not aware of how to transform a house into a functional, stylish home. The services that interior decorators offer to clients are accessories, artwork for the walls, installation and styling, bespoke furniture and storage.

What services do interior designers in Bloemfontein offer?

It seems that many of the interior designers in the city are partnered with furniture, artwork and labourer suppliers. These partners provide the interior design companies with, artwork, chandelier’s, custom bed linen, hand made curtains, artisanal crystal and pottery pieces. In combination with these services, interior designers offer all these services at a designer’s fee. Obviously the fee will depend on what the client has asked the decorator or designer to do. Each designer or decorator will have a different method of charging their clients. For instance, some designers will charge per hour for their services, which include shopping styling creating plans and so on. 

Another way that designers and decorators will charge for their services is by their level of expertise. So in this case, the longer the designer has been in the business, and how many successful jobs they have had in the past also contribute to this level of expertise. Therefore they could charge more for being a senior interior designer, as compared to being new to the business, as a junior designer. 

How to know which interior designer to hire in Bloemfontein?

Once you know what part or place in your house you would like to have designed or decorated, you must now find the designers and have a consultation meeting with them. When conducting the search for a designer the simplest way nowadays is to start looking online. Doing a general search that includes your location is the place to start. You could also search by the types of services that you require. 

Secondly, the consultation interview that you must conduct before even considering hiring them for their services. There are questions that you must ask them before just allowing them to make changes to your home. Question one should be may I see your portfolio. Every designer or decorator must have a professional portfolio to show to their clients. This is way for potential clients to get a fast feel and view examples of what that particular designer is capable of. 

The next important question is how much do you charge for your services, and how will you be charging me? As previously discussed, this is probably the most important question to ask as there might be hidden fees and overcharging when the actual work does begin, by then it is too late to ask questions. And finally, ask the designer or decorator what kind of time frame do they usually work with? Therefore, it is easier to state what the services you require are, and then ask how long they need to complete it. Nobody wants this process to take long or over the estimated time that was suggested.

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