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Benoni is a popular suburb in Gauteng South Africa, and home to over 158,000 people (Census 2011). It is synonymous with famous people including Charlene Wittstock the Princess of Monaco, Charlize Theron award-winning actress, Philip Holiday IBF World champion boxer, Bryan Habana Springboks rugby player, and Oliver Thambo an activist and anti-apartheid hero.

Having so many popular celebrities and famous persons from the region, we can only just imagine how beautiful their homes are. It takes the skills and expertise of trusted interior designers in Benoni to create a unique home. Adding the WOW factor into your property is also possible if you have the right people working on the interior designs. Who knows, you too could end up with a home fit for a celebrity!

How can interior designers in Benoni help you?

If you're looking to redo your home's décor or simply add to what you already have in existence, you might not know where to start. For this reason, we're sure that you could benefit from the help of expert designers. Not only will they turn your home into the place you've always wanted, but also give you their expert advice on what items would best suit your home.

Some of the pros of hiring an interior designer in Benoni include but are not limited to the following:

  • You'll save money – interior designers can find the best décor buys that not only meets quality expectations but also display the style you're looking to achieve in your home.
  • You'll have a professional on your team – while you may not know all there is to know about decorating, your interior designer in Benoni is an expert at this.
  • Work on a proper budget and timeframe – if you only had a certain budget available to use for your décor needs, then working with a professional will help you keep to the budget and meet the deadline.
  • Collaboration throughout the time—With an expert interior designer, you'll know what's happening every step of the project.
  • Access to materials and resources – your interior designer will have contacts and access to the items needed to furnish your home.
  • Artistic flair – designers are about creativity and thinking out of the box, and their artistic skills will often be eminent in their final results.

Should I do it myself or hire a professional interior designer in Benoni?

Redecorating your home can be so much and it gives you the chance to express the styles, patterns and textures that you like. You might have a big idea about how your final look will be and what you'd like to use but sometimes it's not that simple. Hiring a professional will greatly help you in your endeavours to create a brand new space in your home. 

Why you should hire a professional instead of DIY

DIY is definitely one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your home. But what may also happen is that you probably end up with lots of clutter (not wanting to part with old things) and so you'd probably end up re-using old, tired looking décor. Or simply storing it in your garage. You could also end up spending money to fix things or purchase décor items because you don't have any connections the way an interior designer does. Compared to a certified interior designer, doing your interior decorating by yourself may not end in the results you've had in mind. Unlike a trained eye, you may miss things that will add value to your home. 

Will I need an interior designer if I already have an architect?

While the two have studied and even shared certain subjects, they aren't entirely the same. Architects are usually hired to help in the construction process of a building as well as the design, however, they also have interior designing in their arsenal of skills. However, an interior designer is more focused on aesthetic aspects and fabrics. They can also knock down walls on the inside of a property, but have more experience in beautifying a space. Therefore, when it comes to the correct lighting, flooring, textures, colours, and other décor aspects, a professional interior designer is your best option.

Sometimes interior architects are dubbed with architect behind their name because they are by trade a certified and qualified architect. 

What to consider before hiring an interior designer?

There isn't many disadvantages to hiring an interior designer in Benoni. One of them may be the cost to complete the project. Thus people who cannot afford the service may resort to DIY decorating, but for those who can, hiring a professional will count as a long-term, proud investment. Another disadvantage is probably the fact that as the property owner, you may need to share some intimate information at times with the designer. The designers need information to help them create the best design and living spaces that will cater for their client's entire lifestyle. However, depending on how sensitive the information is, not everyone would be comfortable with sharing too much.

Have you considered hiring an interior designer in Benoni?

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