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About the city

The city of Welkom gets its name from the Afrikaans word welkom which is also the English word welcome. The name is also known as the city within a garden or in its Sesotho name Matjhabeng meaning, where nations meet. With a friendly and inviting name like this, it's not hard to see why many folks have settled in the charming town in the Free State Province, South Africa. Historically, Welkom became popular for the discovery of gold in the 1940s, this is also when the town became official.   

Interior architects have always played an integral role when it comes to developing private homes and commercial property. Since Welkom is a thriving city, there is always a need for new buildings and or revamping of older ones. (Read more: Interior architecture or design? Advice from professional designers)

Why should you choose a local interior architect?

Your home is your investment and something you can be proud of. Increasing its value will be a great investment for the long run and by upgrading your interiors; you're already on your way to a better ROI.

Because they specialise in design, you truly benefit from their expertise in the following aspects:

➣  Save a pretty penny (or Rands)

So, while it seems that buying your own interior décor that you wish to have in your home from your local homeware store is a good idea, but is it really? The deals you see as a bargain might simply be the store selling off their old merchandise or possibly partially damaged display goods. Despite sale items also being a good buy, your interior architect in Welkom can help you get real quality at a good price. They are connected to suppliers and contractors and can really help you get more for your money.

➣  Quality items

If you went into a store you'd have an idea of good quality furnishings and fixtures for your home. However, your interior architect is able to see a good buy not only from the surface point of view but truly know what's genuinely good and what isn't. Thus, you're getting the insights of an experienced and knowledgeable expert.

➣  On point planning and creative problem solving

When you want something to run smoothly, you can trust that your professional designer in Welkom will help you achieve this. While not every project is perfect, the other great thing is that even when things are spiraling a bit out of control due to issues that may occur on site these professionals are problem solvers.

➣  Time efficient

Revamping your interiors can take a long time. With professional interior architects in Welkom, you get a pro that is time efficient and have the ability to work according to a deadline and properly manage the time of the project.

I want to hire an interior architect in Welkom, how do I choose?

➣ Tip #1 Style

One of the most important pointers to remember when selecting an interior architect for your project is to consider the work they've already done. If you can see a portfolio with previous work, you also get a better idea of their style choice. If what they do is of your preference then you can add them to the runner up list of options.

➣  Tip #2 Reviews

Another tip to remember is getting information from their previous clients. You can do this by checking online reviews of the company or individuals who previously employed them. Do they rate 5 stars? Sometimes you may know of other people in your circle of friends who could recommend a pro interior architect they may have used before.

➣  Tip # 3 Your budget is important

You need to have a budget in place so that you don't go ahead and overspend on items and materials that will end up damaging your finances. Your designer must be able to work within your budget and if they can't then they need to let you know. You should also be honest about your budget from the beginning so that your designer can already know what the parameters are.

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