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Interior architects in Port Elizabeth

Stunning Port Elizabeth, is one of South Africa’s major cities which is a huge tourist attraction. The city has a laid back vibe and easy and cheerful charm. The city is home to beautiful and vintage architectural structures like the Haunted Opera House that was built in the year 1892. The city is brimming with street art, murals, and funky graffiti work. Route 67 is where you’ll find artistic work under bridges. It’s more of a subculture art scene that’s iconic in its own right. 

Besides the art and architecture, the city has managed to capture a slice of history which is on display at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum. But, the best part about Port Elizabeth is definitely the role it plays when it comes to interior architecture. 

What do interior architects do?

We know, the term may be news to you, and you’re probably confused about what it means? I mean, we’ve all heard of interior designers and architects, but what does an interior architect do? Here’s the information that you need to know. Over time, with the advancement of modern technology, changes in styles, lifestyles, and the rise in demand for a sustainable living environment has led to interior designers getting more involved in the technical facets of interior design and architecture. 

Interior architects are involved in matters pertaining to the interior space of a home, office, or industrial building. The art and science of building the interiors of a place as a licensed practitioner is called interior architecture, and the person who does this job is an interior architect. They map out the inner space of a house or building. Their area of expertise lies in the domain of material choices to be used, the finishes, plumbing, interior lighting, use of space, electrical placements, etc. They create spaces that are made to serve a specific purpose. Interior architects are an integral part of the construction process, and are there right from the period where the blueprint is set, through all the initial phases, right up to the final stage where the structure is ready. 

What’s the difference between interior architects and interior designers?

The terms may get a bit confusing for some, but it’s best to clear out the dilemma with hard facts, because these two roles are not interchangeable. Both the roles are unique and different, and bring different elements, aesthetics, and purpose when it comes to the interiors of a structure. In simple terms, an interior designer focuses on the aesthetics of an interior space, whereas, an interior architect focuses on the functional aspect of an interior space. You consult with an interior designer on matters pertaining to the window treatments, colour palette of a room, fittings within an area, the taps you should choose for your bathroom, the style of vanity cabinets you should be purchasing, lighting design, rugs, couches, television, beds, you get the idea right? 

Interior architects on the other hand, use their talents when it comes to the surface details of your interior space. They work on the architectural aspect of the interiors. They would be consulted when the construction is in its nascent phase. They are your go-to decision makers when it comes to details such as ventilation, storage design, building regulations, placement of windows, electrics, plumbing, use of space etc. They work to make use of space efficiently, smartly, and in a sustainable way, but of course, they always consult the client for approvals on what they are looking for. 

When do you need an interior architect?

You need to get yourself an interior architect if you’re planning on building your dream home, office, or an industrial unit like a factory or warehouse. There are many interior architects in Port Elizabeth who are maestros at their craft. Most of them have really great websites with all the information listed on it. All you have to do is call them up, go over the project with them, and get a great quote. And it’s best if you cross-check and ensure that you’ve bagged the best deal before you sign on the dotted line. 

What are the advantages of having an interior architect?

The advantages are simple, you need an expert who knows their craft well. Rather than relying on yourself to instruct the construction team, you can get an expert to do that for you, and if you manage to get an interior architect at a great price, then it’s a win-win situation for you! 

Finding a great interior architect in Port Elizabeth shouldn’t be much of a challenge if you go through the right contacts and if people are able to validate the skills of the interior architect. Only after you’ve received glowing reviews and positive feedback should you go ahead with a particular interior architect. 

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