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Lijn Architectural Interiors
Interior architecture is the holistic design and composition of an interior space, expressed & executed in architectural
Committed to the provision of commercially-effective solutions for the Hospitality, Commercial, Retail and Leisure sectors
Hitech CADD Services
Hitech CADD Services is an ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2005 certified, functioning in India since 1992. We are a prominent
TK Designs
Welcome to tk-designs, your number one source for architecture & interior services . We’re dedicated to giving you the very
Studio Monochrome
To ensure excellence, a client focused approach is followed, and emphasis placed on quality service delivery. Projects are
de Beyer Design Studio
Functionality, quality and aesthetics. These are the fundamental principles of the Studio. Our philosophy is to create beautiful
Trinity Creatives
Space Planning, Interior Design and Branding.
Bevel Interior Design
Bevel Interior Design is a vibrant interior and architectural design firm based in Johannesburg with experience in the retail
Vishay Interiors
Vishay Interiors has a passion for creating personalized spaces. We design and optimize living areas according to each individual
MINC is an interior-architecture studio. Our design ethos is simple: create contemporary spaces that are timeless and authentic
We are XPERIENCEMAKERS a Cape Town based Interior Architecture and Design Studio, established in 1999. Together with our
Sight Projects + Interiors (PTY) LTD
Sight Projects & Interiors (PTY) LTD (SP+I) Professional Interior Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers
Premiere Design Studio
Premiere Design Studio is 19 years young and has worked with some of South Africa's leading corporates and restaurants.
Urban Spaces Interior Design
We believe in creating energized, optimized work spaces; where-ever staff and workers thrive, companies rocket towards success
DMV INTERIOR DESIGN | planning YOUR space for YOU  We offer a full interior design service in the corporate, commercial,
Dry Wall Johannesburg
As the number one drywalling company in Johannesburg, we are committed to ensuring our clients get the best partitioning
Effects Interior Design
Effects Interior Design is an owner managed interior design company, specialising in tenant installations, residential interior
Luxury Antonovich Design
LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN is one of UAE’s leading interior design companies. Over the past 18 years, we have established
Full Circle Design
Full Circle Design specialises in high-end residential and corporate design. We offer a turn-key design solution, by fulfilling
We are a Johannesburg based Interior-Architectural design studio. The modern sophistication found in our work is a result

About Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg (popularly called Maritzburg in English and Zulu) has been the Provincial Capital of KwaZulu-Natal since 1854, which is why it boasts such magnificent examples of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. A glance at some of the city's suburban neighbourhoods will reveal various old Colonial houses, most of which are made up of red brick and corrugated iron roofs with wide, cool balconies edged with ornamental iron balustrades known in Afrikaans as 'broekie lace' (underpant lace).

A wealth of Victorian-type structures can be found in the city centre, especially in the main street, Church Street, where the proud Old Colonial Building has stood since 1899. Other noteworthy architectural structures include Macrorie House (1863), which was once the residence of the Bishop of Pietermaritzburg and features a small Gothic chapel; and the Pietermaritzburg Station, a magnificent Victorian setting where Mahatma Ghandi was thrown off a train despite carrying a First Class ticket.

Thanks to the large Indian population in Pietermaritzburg, various Hindu temples can also be discovered in the city, such as the Sri Shiva Soobramoniar and Marriamen Temples. Both are built in the Southern Indian style and are regarded as the principal places of worship for the city's Hindu population.

What is the difference between an Interior Architect and Interior Designer?

▶ Interior Designer

Most people are familiar with this type of professional and are aware that it's someone who works on a building / renovation project. Interior Designers are usually involved in all aspects of an internal space's planning and finishing. They are responsible for the visual look of a space such as the art and furnishings, and to ensure that the function and the flow works. This can include:

  • A room's colour palette
  • The finishes on the walls and floors
  • Window treatment
  • Cabinetries
  • Hardware such as faucets and door handles
  • The design of wet areas
  • Lighting design
  • Style and placement of furnishings and décor.

▶ Interior Architect

Architecture is more focused on the structural and technical aspects of a building, whether it's a residential house or a commercial/industrial space like a shopping centre. Interior architecture can be described as an arm of interior design which specialises in understanding the architectural side of the space.

An Interior Architect will become involved very early on in a project, even before the building is built. This professional will advise on the placement of the building's key structural requirements which affect how the space is ultimately used. The duties of an Interior Architect can involve working with:

  • Lighting, electrics, plumbing and data outlet placement
  • The placement of doors and windows
  • Ventilation
  • Clever structural storage design
  • Building regulations
  • A more functional use of the space for its inhabitants.

In short, interior architecture is more about what a space can do instead of how it looks.

What are the job duties of an Interior Architect?

Safety, functionality, and aesthetics are all factors an Interior Architect focuses on when working on a building / renovation project. This professional's job may start with a meeting of the clients in order to start drafting the plans to create or refine spaces in private homes or a commercial structure, with the client's needs and wants forming part of the design brief. While drawing up the plans, they will take into account interior construction, lighting and furnishings.

Similar to Architects, Interior Architects must also be aware of the various building codes and regulations, plus zoning laws, to ensure their designs are correct.

Interior Architects also rely on computer-aided designs (CAD) to complete and alter their work.

How can an Interior Architect save me money?

1.  They can ensure that a well-conceived project is built more efficiently and economically. Right from the start, they become involved with a project and continue to work with the client and other relevant professionals (Architects, Interior Designers, etc.) to ensure that not only the client's needs and wants are met, but also that the final results are structurally safe and functional.

2.  They are clued up on energy-efficient buildings, which can save you heaps on bills. With an Interior Architect's knowledge, a building can be designed to maximise natural lighting and heating / cooling effects, meaning reduced costs on heating, cooling, and electric bills.

3.  They work with your budget and help you select the most appropriate materials. In addition to helping you choose materials and finishes that are durable and beautiful, they also know how to stay abreast of advances in lighting, finishes, flooring, paint, etc.

4.  They work with other professionals in the building / construction industry, meaning they know which ones are the best for certain types of projects, and may very well be able to organise a discount from certain suppliers / vendors.

5.  They use their expertise and resources to ensure a well-designed building, which has a higher resale value.

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