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Lijn Architectural Interiors
Interior architecture is the holistic design and composition of an interior space, expressed & executed in architectural
Hitech CADD Services
Hitech CADD Services is an ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2005 certified, functioning in India since 1992. We are a prominent and
TK Designs
Welcome to tk-designs, your number one source for architecture & interior services . We’re dedicated to giving you the very
Studio Monochrome
To ensure excellence, a client focused approach is followed, and emphasis placed on quality service delivery. Projects are
Trinity Creatives
Space Planning, Interior Design and Branding.
de Beyer Design Studio
Functionality, quality and aesthetics. These are the fundamental principles of the Studio. Our philosophy is to create beautiful
Bevel Interior Design
Bevel Interior Design is a vibrant interior and architectural design firm based in Johannesburg with experience in the retail
who did it is a design led consultancy, which specializes primarily in corporate relocation, residential refurbishment and
MINC is an interior-architecture studio.Our design ethos is simple: create contemporary spaces that are timeless and authentic
Vishay Interiors
Vishay Interiors has a passion for creating personalized spaces. We design and optimize living areas according to each individual
We are XPERIENCEMAKERS a Cape Town based Interior Architecture and Design Studio, established in 1999. Together with our
Sight Projects + Interiors (PTY) LTD
Sight Projects & Interiors (PTY) LTD (SP+I)Professional Interior Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers and Contractors
Premiere Design Studio
Premiere Design Studio is 19 years young and has worked with some of South Africa's leading corporates and restaurants.
Urban Spaces Interior Design
We believe in creating energized, optimized work spaces; where-ever staff and workers thrive, companies rocket towards success
DMV INTERIOR DESIGN | planning YOUR space for YOU We offer a full interior design service in the corporate, commercial,
Effects Interior Design
Effects Interior Design is an owner managed interior design company, specialising in tenant installations, residential interior
As a 25-year old interior design business that has grown from an exclusive furniture showroom into a cutting-edge retail
Luxury Antonovich Design
LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN is one of UAE’s leading interior design companies. Over the past 18 years, we have established
Full Circle Design
Full Circle Design specialises in high-end residential and corporate design. We offer a turn-key design solution, by fulfilling
Committed to the provision of commercially-effective solutions for the Hospitality, Commercial, Retail and Leisure sectors

About the city

The vibrant tourist attraction of a city that is the City of Mbombela is situated in the Eastern part of South Africa, is also the capital of the South African province of Mpumalanga. Some of the main areas and suburbs found in and around Mbombela are Nelspruit, Sonheuwel, Steiltes, West Acres, Mataffin, and Karino. Within these areas some beautiful homes that usually range around R650 000 all the way up to R3.5 million for a stand alone house and its premises. 

A typical home in Mbombela

A typical home in Mbombela has between three and four bedrooms that have just the right amount of storage and closet space, one or two large windows to allow enough sunlight into the room, and also has good spacing for a double or even queen sized bed. Other rooms that features in these homes include, two to three bathrooms that can accommodate the occupants. The bathrooms are a place of cleanliness, sirene experiences, and stylish functionality. Other rooms include the kitchen, the dining room and the family room or living room that becomes a true reflection of the artistic flare that interior architects and their clients vision for decorative and interior design elements. This article will cover how these rooms will be able to be transformed from a standard and plain room into an aesthetically pleasing, stylish and fashionable room for the entire family to enjoy. 

What does an interior architect do?

An interior architect is involved in the processes surrounding the designing and decorating of interior spaces like in the personal home, an office or office building, and even large industrial buildings. An interior architect looks over, and analyzes an entire space once they have been hired onto a particular project or job, to get an overview of whether or not the clients needs will be able to meet. The areas of which the interior architect thrives in are in material choices in every aspect of the sense, the final details on the mouldings and door frames for example, plumbing, interior lighting in every room, how the space is used, and even the electrical fixtures and points. These interior guru's create spaces that are made to serve their functional and decorative purposes. 

What can an interior architect do for me?

The professional interior architect can take a simple concept of a room such as a study or a home office and turn it into a room that delivers on functionality, by making sure that all the elements that are needed have been installed. Such as having the wifi installed, creating a clean and big enough work space on the office desk, and placing accurate shelving on the walls and in the closet for items such as books. They can look at any space they are given and design a ready to use space that meet the needs and wants of the client at hand. Interior architects are not only hired to deliver a well decorated room, but they are mainly focused on giving the client the most out of their room being reconstructed. 

Top interior architecture projects

Bedroom - The bedroom starts off as a tidy slumberland, and as time goes on, the sanctuary that was once your bedroom, turned into a messy and cluttered room. The bedroom's biggest need is to be roomy, comfortable and spacious enough for all your clothing, perhaps a dressing table and even a couch or daybed. With the help of homify and their recommended team of professional interior architects, your drab, tired bedroom could be a stylish, sleek and organised place of rest and relaxation. 

Living Room - The family living room has unique elements that are needed for the room to be at its most functional, and more importantly, comfortable and accommodating. The one problem that modern living rooms have today is the lack of space for a big family or the lack of space for a large lounge suite. This is becoming the room that families spend most of their day to day lives in, watching movies and conversing. An interior architect can help transform this room into one that can accommodate any size family and do it comfortably.

Kid's Room - This is one of the most fun and enjoyable rooms to design and create. But, it can be tricky making a kids room interesting, functional, and beautiful all in the same breath. The professional interior architect can definitely help parents who are looking for a neat way to make their kids rooms fun, enjoyable yet comfortable for the little ones. 

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