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About Kimberley

The old city of Kimberley is the largest and the capital city of the Northern Cape Province in South Africa. This city is located just over 100 kilometres east of the famous Vaal and Orange river. 

This city is one of the greatest in historical significance because of its flourishing past and future ventures in the discovery of diamonds. During the Second Boer War, powerful British men and entrepreneurs Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato made a fortune from diamond mining in Kimberley, and that is where the famous diamond mining town started its rich success. 

Some important and culturally significant found in the city of Kimberley, are the many architecturally stunning churches, museums and various halls. All of these historic buildings were designed and built from the late 1880's all the way up to the late 1990's and even now up to present day. 

Popular architectural styles in Kimberley

The hotels and guesthouses found in and around Kimberley, all have a unique type of interior and even exterior design that is reminiscent of the old town. The building decorative design, their interiors and partially some of their exterior features, are similar to a special kind of South African wild west. (Read more: 4 of South Africa's most popular house design styles)

Some of the homes that can be found in Kimberley today are modernised versions of old Victorian style buildings with a fresh twist on classic. Becoming more popular to the city of Kimberley, much like many other cities in South Africa, are the growing value in living in a townhouse unit or even an apartment, as an alternative to a stand alone house. The townhouse and apartment building industry in Kimberley has started to really thrive of late, and they offer a youthful and modern designs for their owners. 

What do Interior Architects do?

An interior architect is a professional designer who can analyze any interior of any building, house, or industrial space, and is able to begin planning, and remodelling and sometimes even the reconstruction of those spaces. What the interior architect is very skilled in doing is redesigning to suit a changed environment or space depending on what the immediate needs are. This could occur when a change of ownership may arise in a house, or when the current owner needs to change the purpose of the room. 

There are many things that an interior architect is very good at, but what they are particularly known for their expertise in materials. The choosing of materials, the knowledgeable use of different materials as well as how those chosen materials will aesthetically affect their surroundings. They are also very skilled in ironing out the final details of a space such as the doors, angles that are concerned with symmetry, and even down to the finer and more complex details like plumbing, interior lighting, and electrical matters. 

Home projects an Interior Architect can help you with

Spa—This particular room is focused more on commercial properties such as a large mall, hotel, casino, and any other location that would warrant a spa. For such a large and concentrated project needs the help of a professional interior architect to help construct and design such a spectacular space. A typical commercial spa is a grand space that is usually designed to fit a certain type of theme. A spa theme could be anything from a Roman bath theme, a modern or futuristic theme, a nature or outdoors theme, and even a golden palace theme for the more extravagant. The interior architect can help in big ways for a commercial spa, as they can advise the client on what materials would be best suited for the themed spa. The concern with a themed spa is that the theme will be presented in a tacky and off-putting way. This is when an interior architect will be worthwhile to hire. 

Dining Room - The dining room in any home is a place for family, food and collaborations. This might seem like an easy room to plan and design, but it can be challenging for any homeowner to create a stylish and clever space to use in the home. Some important elements that every dining room needs to have is a rug which ties a large room together. The rug will all depend on how large the dining room table is, and what the table and chairs are made of. That is why the materials that are used in the creation of a room is very important, as it will alter the other plans you might have for the room. 

Kitchen—This is in our opinion the most important room in the house, and every food lover or family oriented person will agree. The kitchen is usually the first and last place you spend your day in. It holds the nourishment of the home and gathers people. A professional interior architect is very skilled in organising the correct materials to use in a kitchen that works with the colour palette, and works with the amount of space available in that particular kitchen. 

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