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11 Interior Architects in Johannesburg

Interior architects in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a thriving business district and one of the most populous regions within South Africa. Even during its earlier years, it dubbed as one of the most sought after, especially following the discovery of gold during “The Gold Rush” in 1886. It saw flocks of investors come to stake a claim in business establishment and trading within the region.

In modern days, Johannesburg also has its own stock exchange, which is the largest on the African continent. Finance is another positive economic aspect that sees many investors looking to establish and do business in the region. Due to the popularity and number of business operations, interior architects in Johannesburg have been helping many people design amazing properties and interiors in commercial and private sectors. 

What is an interior architect?

An interior architect is a professional that is skilled at designing elements pertaining to a building. While they also share traits with an interior designer, their titles often interchange as the same profession. Interior architects specialise in projects like remodeling and renovations, as well as designing. In essence, they are qualified building architects but also practice in the interior designing of a property. 

While you may have thought these professionals are not related to the interiors of a building, the truth is they form part of the team.

Many homes in Johannesburg are designed on a large scale and many people go the extra mile to create beautiful interiors to match their double volume properties. In this business hot spot of South Africa, there is more land to build because there is no ocean running through it. This is why residential houses, apartment blocks, and business offices can afford to be bigger and cover more space.

Getting started on redoing your home’s interiors can prove to be a daunting task, but with the help of qualified pros, all you have to do is leave the hard work to them.

Why should you hire an interior architect in Johannesburg?

1.  Trained and professional

Interior architects are highly skilled and experienced at what they do. They often have a knack for design and being able to deeply visualize a building long before its completion. This is something a trained eye can manage.

2.  Good investment for your money

Interior architects in Johannesburg are also able to help you get the best for your money and thus an investment worth every Rand spent. A close working relationship with clients ensures that they always create ideal interiors that cater to the lifestyle of the members of the home.

3.  They’re connected

While their main role includes restructuring the home on the inside, it’s clear that established architects also have connections with materials and can source what’s best. This is another reason you’ll save on the project because the materials are found at a better price than it would be to buy it at a home and hardware store.

Interior architects in Johannesburg specialize in the following:

Professional interior architects in Johannesburg not only care about functionality, but they also ensure that the overall design is beautiful. However, unlike interior decorators and designers, architects consider much more, thus do a much more intricate, and specialized job. Some of the things they consider include but are not limited to:

  • Structural changes
  • Regulations regarding lighting
  • Plumbing regulations
  • Structural stability
  • Colour schemes
  • Natural light (glass wall ceiling, windows, and skylights)
  • Use innovative functional building materials that are safe
  • Great at solving problems
  • Have the ability to manage a team
  • They follow up on service delivery after completion of the project
  • Interior architects always offer a custom made package that is suited to the client
  • Their skilled eye for detail will pick up in things otherwise missed by someone who isn’t formally trained.
  • Drafting up design plans
  • Positively influencing the design from start to finish
  • They take care of the  smallest to the largest interior details

How to tell if an interior architect is genuine

When looking to find an honest professional, it’s always good to get some references and referrals from family and friends. If they can vouch positively for the individual then you’re on the right track. Professional interior architects are often qualified technical architects and have certifications to prove it. They should also be able to represent a record of accomplishment or portfolio of their previous works.

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