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Within the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, lies the beach city of East London. Known as the provinces sunshine coast, the city's coast-line is the main attraction for tourists and residents alike. The interior design industry in East London focuses heavily on the beach front aesthetic. Calming interiors exuding beams of white, blues and natural wood are largely popular in this city. 

Interior architects focus intently on revealing an organisation's, a personal client's, or a commercial business' personalities. This means finding out what the client is about including what they stand for as well as how they operate in terms of business or generally what the space is going to be used for. This takes a specified level of expertise in order to understand what the space requires as well as what the space is able to do. 

What interior architects and interior designers consider

This city is a popular resting place for vacations for couples, families and senior couples as it offers a relaxing laid-back atmosphere. Most interiors  are resembled by the well-maintained exteriors that can be identified throughout the city. Areas such as Beacon Bay, Gonubie, and Bonza Bay are fast becoming attractive to renters and holiday goers for their location and their secluded beach properties. 

Choosing a suitable interior or decorating style for a home should begin with who will be using the home. For instance, will there be children living here? What is the budget for the space? Comparing to interior designers,  interior architects focus on more than just blending decorative elements, keeping to a colour pallet, and making a space look 'pretty'. These architects are responsible for collaborating with the owners to execute a stylish and classy interior along with utilising their expertise in functionality of furniture and appliances. 

In terms of decorating in the city of East London, interior designers must consider the surroundings of the property which is the beach, the sea air and the humidity. This is a major keypoint in what materials and elements can be used in the designing of a home, as they will be affected by the dense air. This is also true for other materials that make up key furniture pieces like linen couches, and weaved rugs to compliment the natural environment.

Where to find interior architects in the Eastern Cape

There are a collection of surrounding towns and cities near East London that deliver impeccable interior designers and architects that service the entire coastal area of the Eastern Cape. These towns and cities comprise of  Queenstown, Uitenhage, Bothasrus, and even St. Francis Bay. Within these towns and cities many interior designers and architects can be found in the suburban and urban areas,  that meet the various needs of planning, designing, structural amendments. These interior architects can offer their services to private home owners who are looking for advice and a skilled professional, they also offer their services to commercial property owners who need large scale work done on their properties as well as to business owners who are looking to redesign their offices or stores. 

How do interior architects charge for their services?

There are many aspects involved in designing, decorating, and establishing a well-organised space. The architect must consider the pricing of the amount of labour and design techniques that need to be utilised in order to get the job done. The fee of selecting the best suited items such as furniture, paint colours and materials and sometimes re-designing or minor alterations in terms of construction, must also be considered. 

  • They could charge by calculating a portion or percentage of the entire job done, for example charging 15% of the entire allocated budget. 
  • Architects could charge by combining all the rates and taxes incurred throughout the job, for example charging for the transport, and interest on each item purchased.
  • They could charge per square metre of the space they will be working on, for example charging X amount of Rands for 5 square metres. 
  • Ofcourse, they could charge an hourly rate for their services, for example charging X amount of Rands per hour.
  • Finally, they could charge a predetermined rate or a fixed rate, for example charging a flat rate of X amount of Rands.
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