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es plant gmbh & co. kg
es plant wurde 1998 gegründet. Seitdem wurden zahlreiche Projekte im Innenarchitektur- und Objektbereich erfolgreich umgesetzt
GID│GOLDMANN-INTERIOR-DESIGN - Innenarchitekt in Sehnde
KHG Raumdesign - Innenarchitektin in Berlin und Umland, mgr. ing. Architektur Katharina Hajduk-Gast
KHG Raumdesign (mgr. ing. Architektur Katharina Hajduk-Gast) steht für frische, raffinierte Konzepte Ihrer Räume, Einrichtungen
M-Moebeldesign - Interior by BOCK
M-Moebeldesign: Exklusives Interior Design und Möbel in Manufakturqualität M-Moebeldesign ist ein inhabergeführtes Familienunternehmen
CONSCIOUS DESIGN  creates spaces.  In doing so it focusses on achieving that much sought after combination of the aesthetically
Ottagono+Rechsteiner Interior AG
Ottagono + Rechsteiner: clevere Designideen für den Innenraum Die Ottagono + Rechsteiner Interior AG ist ein kreatives Innenarchitekturbüro
Wir lieben schöne Architektur und stilvolles Ambiente, deshalb haben wir uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Neubau und zum Umbau
bp Innenarchitektur Petra Blome
Von der ersten Idee bis zur Schlüsselübergabe übernehmen wir die volle Verantwortung. Nur so können wir sicher sein, dass
​Innenarchitektur Federleicht
Unere Devise ist :"Design darf leicht sein!" Innenarchitektur für ein besseres wohnen | leben | arbeiten | verkaufen
Thora Bernsdorff widmet sich seit über 25 Jahren mit Enthusiasmus und Detailkenntnissen Ihren Kunden sowie ihrem Beruf als
Aufwertung von Wohnräumen, Küchen, Bädern, Kinder-, Jugendzimmer und Büros. die-raumgestalten Wohnberatung: Wohnberatung
BECKER Architekten & Innenarchitekten
Unser Wunsch ist es gemeinsam mit unseren Bauherren eigenständige und innovative Lösungen zu erarbeiten, die den Menschen
raumdeuter GbR
Büro für Innenarchitektur in Berlin. Wir planen Privat- und Geschäftsräume. Als Innenarchitekt und Interior Designer in
JWD Concept GmbH
Die JWD entwickelt exklusive Wohnideen zum Wohlfühlen und Entspannen. Für Ihren ganz persönlichen Wohntraum auf den Inseln
Architektur und Innenachitektur
Innenarchitektur aus Leidenschaft :  exakt  -  exklusiv  -  ehrlich                    Besuchen Sie die Welt unserer
ProVendo Einrichtungssysteme GmbH
Pro Vendo bietet eine jeweils optimale Einrichtungs- und Warenpräsentationslösung. Ganz egal ob Sie sich für ein kompatibles
Interior architect located in Hamburg with a passion for high quality materials, functional details and character-oriented
ANKELIETZKE  Innenarchitektin
Als freischaffende Innenarchitektin biete ich Ihnen eine individuelle Beratung zu allen Fragen in Ihrem privaten Wohnbereich
nestler raum und ambiente
Barbara Nestler erstellt  individuelle, themenorientierte Gestaltungskonzepte  für Innenräume. Sie schafft Freuräume für

About Boksburg

Located on the East Rand of the Gauteng province, Boksburg became a prominent area after gold was discovered in 1887. This resulted in more residents flocking to Boksburg (leading to more residential properties being built) and more industrial structure being erected, such as the Post Office and the Mining Commissioner's office, both of which were built in 1887. A year later, coal deposits were discovered on the new town's boundary, which was where coal was first mined in the Transvaal province.

Being founded in the late 19th century, Boksburg is also home to numerous Victorian / Traditional buildings. One of the most noteworthy (and oldest) structures in Boksburg is the Old Government Building located on Church Street. The building's foundation stone was laid in October 1890 and construction was completed only six months later in April 1891. From 1902 to 1958, the Old Government Building was used by the local magistrate and his staff, but was taken over by the Boksburg Municipality after the magistrate moved to a new location. The building was then used by various community organisations before finally being declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 22 March 1963.

What is an interior architect?

Similar to architects, interior architects design buildings, yet they are more concerned with the interior sides in terms of visual aesthetics and functionality. Just like architects, interior architects must also be licensed in order to practice their craft in South Africa.

It's not uncommon for interior architects to be grouped with Interior Decorators, seeing as this division of professionals also focuses on a structure's interiors. However, interior architects focus on more than making a room or building beautiful. Functionality and beauty are factors that they consider, but it's also vital for them to understand the entire structure of a building (whether it's a house, hospital, corporate office, or other type of structure) to make it practical and safe for the users.

The job duties of an interior architect

In order to work as successful professionals, interior architects need to be schooled on a variety of topics, including what makes a building durable, strong, practical, and safe – thus, the various building materials required for a specific structure. In addition, they must also know about the use of light, colour, and textures, seeing as these are all elements used in interiors.

Just like architects and Interior Designers, interior architects also draft plans to design brand-new buildings or renovate existing ones. With every project, the client's requirements are considered, and an interior architect will usually work with other professionals on a project, such as Electricians, Roofers, architects, etc.

An interior architect must also be knowledgeable about the different building codes and zoning laws applicable to various towns, cities, provinces, regions, and countries.  

➣ What other work can an interior architect do?

Students of interior architecture are also taught the skills to work in a variety of other professions / fulfil other titles, including:

  • Residential Space Designer
  • Commercial Space Designer
  • Institutional Space Designer
  • Workplace Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Set Designer.

What does an interior architect do when working on a design / construction project?

  • They discuss the requirements of the project with clients, colleagues, and the relevant contractors and professionals who will be working with them.
  • They plan what methods, materials and finishes will best meet the needs of the space to be designed.
  • They calculate an accurate schedule which details when certain stages of the project will be completed.
  • They provide an accurate cost for the entire project.
  • They do thorough research related to the project to provide ideas, sketches and mood boards to discuss with the client.
  • They use their skills to draw up designs (which can be 2D and 3D) with CAD (computer-aided design) software.
  • They source materials from appropriate vendors for the fittings, furniture, lighting and styling that are needed for the project.
  • They work with quantity surveyors to plan costs and scheduling.
  • They work with architects and other relevant professionals to establish any potential problems at an early stage of the project.
  • They work closely with a construction team to ensure the design proceeds as per the brief.
  • Some interior architects can also fulfil the duties of a Project Manager and supervise the project onsite from concept to completion.

Interesting questions to ask before hiring an interior architect

It's recommended to interview at least three professionals before choosing the right one for your project. And although we are all familiar with the most basic questions (such as asking to see examples of their previous work and client references), there exists other more notable questions that can help you decide much faster if the interior architect you're meeting with is, in fact, the right person for the job.

1.    How does your specific design process work? No two interior architects will necessarily start or manage a project the same way. It can be useful to know how your chosen professional works in order to establish a timeline, deadline, how it will affect your budget, etc.

2.    What is your approximate timeline for my project? Don't assume that the professional is immediately available.

3.    What experience do you have working in my area? Each town, city, province and country can have their own zoning and design guidelines, not to mention preferred architectural styles. Discuss what experience the interior architect has been working in the area of your project. Even though this shouldn't be a deal breaker, it is always a plus point to know that the professional knows the ins and outs of the building / construction industry in your area.

4.    How do you calculate your fees? Architectural fees can be confusing. Make sure you know how the professional calculates his fees, what you are paying for, what services are provided by the firm, and that there are no hidden fees before signing a contract.  

5.    What contractors do you recommend for my project? If you don't already have a builder or other contractor in mind, the interior architect should be able to provide options, seeing as most architectural firms work with numerous builders and are, thus, familiar with their strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of project.

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