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What does an interior architect do?

First things first, what does interior architecture mean? Interior architecture is a discipline related to the art of creatively translating and transforming spaces into new forms of expression. Interior architects are professionals who concern themselves with the craft of interior architecture, designing the interior space of a building. They concern themselves with the functionality and appearance of interior spaces. 

Interior architects are licensed professionals, and they usually work along with the added expertise of an interior designer or interior decorator. Transforming a bare space into a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing zone falls within the domain of an interior architect. Having an in depth knowledge of colours, patterns, materials, technology, lighting, setting a mood for a particular room etc, falls within the domain of an interior architect.

Methods followed by interior architects

Before they commence working on a project, an interior architect needs to check certain details such as, the age of the building, the quality of the existing materials, and the area size, and dimensions. Only if all the details meet certain specifications, can the interior architect go ahead with the plan in mind. Or else, he or she will have to improvise in order to work with the existing materials. 

An interior architect will then draft a rough layout of different ideas and planning structures that can be executed. These plans will either be presented to the client in the form of illustrations, blueprints, or on 3D. Interior architects also have to be aware of certain building regulations, and state rules etc before they begin working on a project, and need to discuss all the pertinent details with the client beforehand. 

Do you plan on hiring an interior architect? Got a space in mind that needs re-developing? Before you call an interior architect, we'd like to offer some tips on the different interior architectural styles that you could use as an inspiration for the room or house that you wish to design. 

Different interior architectural styles

➣  A play on contrasts

If you desire to add a funky vibe to your pad, then you could try to play with contrasts. How about going for floors and ceilings in different colors. While they are contrasts, it shouldn't be too contrasting, but should work in harmony with each other. You could also incorporate asymmetrical design schemes to add a pop of fun to your place. A large wall can become your feature wall. 

➣  Game space

If you've got kids, then this interior architectural style is a great choice to incorporate. You could create one particular space in your home which is dedicated to your kids and fun. It can feature interactive and engaging equipment like games for kids, slides, etc. You could even add fitness elements to this room, or convert it into a music room, with your own karaoke machine, and shelves stacked with your vintage vinyls.  

➣  Industrial style

Neutral, use of metals, and clean lines, all describe an industrial style. Metal chairs, granite slabs, use of colors like charcoal black and pastel white, are all elements associated with an industrial feel. If you're a city person who focuses more on functionality and subtle style, then the industrial style suits your preferences. It should definitely be an interior architecture style that you should discuss with your interior architect before he or she begins working on the project. 

➣  Minimalist look

The minimalist look focuses more on open spaces, natural lighting, simple designs, simple structures, and minimal yet functional furniture. Rooms with a minimalist setting often end up looking bigger because there's more space. It's a scandinavian interior architecture trend, and a lot of people across the globe are warming up to this form of interior architecture style. 

➣  Biophilic design

If you're a nature lover, with a love for the forest, and greens, then this is an interior architecture style that you'll really enjoy being surrounded in. Within this space, you'll probably feel like you're sitting in the lap of nature. Color patterns such as sea blue and green are used as color schemes in this design. Blue and green are said to have a calming effect, which is why spaces like this are always also cooler and have a freshness to them. The interior architecture style isn't limited to just color choices but also extends to other factors like sustainability. Every aspect is created in an eco-friendly way with sustainability and conservation as the primary agenda. 

There are lots of interior architecture choices that you can choose from. We've got quite a few on our homify page. Check out some of the rooms and who knows, you may just be inspired:

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