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Studio Slenpan
Apex Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Apex Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed 14 years ago to provide Interior Design solutions in the corporate and retail
Collage Designs
Collage Designs is a long standing firm well known in the Interior Design field. Based in Toronto Ontario, Collage Designs
Fluid Studio
Fluid Studio is a design practice based in Ahmedabad, India since 2014, is a brain child of a designer Dhara Panchal. We
Investir dans l'ancien
L’INVESTISSEMENT LOCATIF NOUVELLE GÉNÉRATION Déléguez toutes les étapes de votre investissement locatif à des experts de
Nomad Office Architects 覓 見 建 築 設 計 工 作 室
Mya Design Consultants
Mya Design Consultants provides creative design solutions in the field of Interior design and Landscape design and architecture.We
Work & Wonders
Được hình thành vào năm 2001 bởi những sáng lập viên đầy khát vọng, mong được cống hiến cho xã hội bằng phẩm chất trung
Sergio Mannino Studio
Sergio Mannino Studio is a design firm with roots in Italian design and culture. The Studio is based in New York but operates
The First Group.In
Dear Sir|/ MamGreeting FromMr. Sadath Sharief **THE FIRST GROUP. In** Cunsultant & Turnkey Contractor **THE FIRST GROUP
Студия Дизайна Виктории Королевой
Дизайнер жилых и общественных интерьеров. Опыт в профессии более 8 лет, обширное портфолио (более 50 проектов). Главным
Espacio Sutil
Studio Light Point
Diseña y conecta. Somos un grupo de profesionales dedicados a brindar servicios de arquitectura interiorista e ingeniería
Luxart studio
Luxart Studio  Is an interior design firm always focusing on designing functional spaces, and creating balance&nbsp
Micasa Design
Micasa design is a new electric interior design service for commercial and residential spaces.We provide the finest materials
Bluestraw Design
Here at Bluestraw Design we believe that Interior and Exterior Design should be a harmonious collaboration between designer
Manali Sutaria
An Architect/Designer who actively contributes to the grassroots level of design  and tehnicality in collaboration
Rougksketch Pte Ltd

Interior architects are the true wizards when it comes to the constructing or re-constructing of property interiors. Have you ever wondered what inspired those beautiful staircase railings, or the high beamed ceiling structures? Yep, you guessed it, that's what interior architects are all about. Working closely with clients, the interior architects in South Africa will create the ideal design that is most suited to their client's needs.

Another thing qualified interior architects in South Africa take into consideration is the structure of the interiors, safety options, and overall accessibility and functionality. Apart from the structures itself, these professionals also consider materials used to construct the interiors.

What are the differences between interior architects and interior designers?

This is a common question asked when it comes to interior designing aspects. However, an interior architect as the name suggest is a different type of architect, responsible for the interior facades of a property structure. So, what is the difference between these two professionals?

➣Interior architect: Interior architects work closely with building contractors, as they will have an influence on the interior structures as a whole. Interior architects also focus on materials used in the project and whether or not it's sustainable. Most of all, they also take into account whether materials are suitable to the environment as well as residents or people who will occupy the building.

Their skills are needed in commercial and private property construction. An interior architect in South Africa also has to consider the fact that the design will be unchanged for many years to come. For this reason, the structure should be functional and sustainable to last a long time.

➣Interior designer: An interior designer can best be defined as a "sub-category" of interior architecture. The designer will work closely with the team responsible for the development in question but the core focus is on aesthetic features. These include aspects such flooring, cabinets, textures, lighting fixtures, and décor for example. Interior designers also need to take into account making use of sustainable products and innovation as well as ensuring the space designed is functional for the tenants to occupy.

Adhering to building codes and regulations is highly important for both the interior architect and designer.

➣In a nutshell: In many articles and research online, it reveals that the term is broadly used interchangeably. In some countries such as the United Kingdom, a designer cannot call themselves an "architect" or "interior architect" if they do not bear the qualifications to do so.

While both designers study the same subjects, an interior designer is more focused on décor and finishing, whereas an interior architect is more focused on the structural elements of the interior space.

When can you use an interior architect in South Africa and what are the benefits?

Interior architects are mostly required in the process of constructing a building, and thus their work comes mostly into play at the beginning of the development process. However, in an existing property, if the owner requires some interior structural changes, this would take the skills of the interior architect. Once again, in this process, the professional will be able to work with the existing plans and make the required changes while bearing the structure's regulations in mind.

What are the benefits of an interior architect?

  • You'll be dealing with a qualified person who also has some years of experience behind them.
  • You'll have adequate time management to meet your required deadlines for the proposed project.
  • Interior architects work closely with the clients to ensure satisfaction at the end of the project.
  • You can be assured that you'll have yourself and your property's interest at heart.
  • The interior architects consider the best materials as well as functionality in the development process.
  • Sustainability plays an important role when redeveloping a property and interior architects in South Africa bears this in mind.
  • You'll enjoy a long-term investment and value for money. This is because while it may not be cheap, you can rest assured that you get quality, professionalism, and skills to last for many years.

How to choose an interior architect in South Africa?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an interior architect to work on your project is their credibility and experience. If the company has been around for a number of years or the individual has worked with other known clients, then you're off to a good start. You need to have good reviews and recommendations that will help give you more confidence in your choice.

How much do interior architects charge in South Africa?

There are many rates and of course, each professional is different. These totals are based on calculations and stats from Payscale South Africa. On average the interior architect South Africa can earn between R152,000 to R365,000 per year with an average of about R234,000 per year.

  Are you working on a property redevelopment project and considering the help of an interior architect in South Africa? Find the pros you need with homify!

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