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Nuclei Lifestyle Design
Ever since being established back in January 1999, Nuclei Lifestyle Design has been committed to housing and residential
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Kgodisho Solutions and Projects A construction company based in Pretoria, offering a vast number of construction services
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Francois Marais Architects are leading Architects at the forefront of signature designs in South Africa with Branches in
Functional Form Architectural Studio
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A4AC Architects We are a young -but experienced- group of Architects. We are based in Johannesburg, although we have done
Ergo Designer Kitchens & Cabinetry
Providing custom kitchens and cabinetry of a high quality at realistic prices; manufactured and installed at industry standards
we are available country wide.we are the solution seekers to the garden installations/services, landscape designs,building
At KA.Architecture+Design we value the quality and beauty in good design. With this in mind we craft authentic spaces for
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Orton Architects
When we decided to create our own firm in 2010, we had very strong ideas about the kind of buildings we wanted to design
Lynnwood Electricians 0659925618
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Tinyarhi group
We make best houseplans at affordable prices, we don't do municipal submission as of now Construction Electrical wiring
SPW Architectural Design & Planning
SPW provides the full range of architectural services, from conceptualization, to 3D renders, construction drawings, and
Charlene Becker
Architectural & Interior Photography Pretoria, Johannesburg & Cape Town | Hotel & Lodge Photography South Africa

As the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria is a popular choice for South Africans who want to buy or build a home. It is also known as the academic city as it is home to three universities. Additionally, the city is the base for many government offices. If you want to build a house in Pretoria, but have doubts on how to get started, homify has the answers for you, including a listing of professional architects in Pretoria.

Why should I hire an architect from Pretoria?

The decision to build or remodel your house can be extremely taxing on your emotional health and finances. Therefore, it's important to find architects in Pretoria who will provide you with the best services to make the experience better. As a layperson, you may not know much about architecture or construction, so finding the right service provider is essential so that you get the proper guidance. An architect from Pretoria will act as a mediator for you with other professionals, like interior architects. In addition, he will help you to get all the necessary sanctions so that you can build your house within the regulations stipulated by the South African Bureau of Standards and the local municipality both in terms of exterior and interior architecture

What do I need to look for when hiring an architect?

While it is easy to find the contact information of hundreds of architects online, it is important to make sure that the person you hire for the design or remodelling of your house is a registered professional. The Internet has many fly-by-night companies and professionals who claim to know about architectural design but end up not delivering what they promise, causing you unnecessary stress in the process. The South African Council for Architectural Profession (SACAP) requires any individual who provides architectural services to the public to register with them. As the potential customer, it is your responsibility to request a certificate of registration from the architect. The certificate will have the SACAP registration number that can be verified on the SACAP's directory. 

Taking this first step will ensure you less stress along the way because if the professional acts outside of the council's regulation, then you can lodge a complaint with the council to take disciplinary action against the architect.  It is also imperative to ensure that the certificate has not expired. Architects are obligated by law to renew their registration every five years. This is very important because it will give you peace of mind knowing that the architect you have chosen is a member of an institution, which will take punitive measures if the professional works in a manner that contradicts the law. 

What are the characteristics to look for in an architect?

All professional architects will have clients with whom they have worked, and they should be able to provide you with that information. It is important to note that the architect is not obligated to provide you with references. However, they can provide the information as a courtesy to the client. Most architects will have a portfolio of their work so that you can assess the range of architectural services they provide. While some architects deal strictly with office or commercial buildings, others specialize in residences, including prefabricated houses or homes with modern architecture

Checking for references and a portfolio will also help you to develop ideas of the type of design you would like for your house. Speaking to other people about the work ethic of the architect is another vital factor in your decision-making process. You do not want to be stuck with someone who will cause you stress throughout the process of designing and constructing your house. Building or remodelling a house is not an easy project to undertake. There are many challenges that arise outside of the designing process. Therefore, it is essential to work with an experienced professional who can handle almost any issue that may arise during construction. 

Does the budget need to be discussed beforehand?

The budget is a very important part of any project.  You must be forthright with your architect about the budget that is available for your house, and he in turn should give you an honest estimate of the cost of construction. This will help to determine the kind of material to use and the time it will take for the project to be completed. The last thing you want is to abandon construction midway because the project exceeds the budget, and you can't get more funds to complete it successfully. Discussing the budget before construction begins also protects you from spending more money than you expect as the budget will establish the limits within which the architect can work. 

What is the approximate cost of building a house in Pretoria?

Having a rough idea about the cost per square metre for constructing a house will help you to set aside the necessary funds for your house. Of course, the overall cost will be affected by a range of factors such as the type of house, the materials used, the size and the design style. As per current estimates, it will cost around R 6,102 to build a single-family house in the Gauteng province to which Pretoria belongs. Building a townhouse will work out to approximately R 7,118 per square metre. You can begin the process of getting ideas for your house by browsing through the hundreds of photographs, in every style from modern to classic, on homify and making a note of the features that you like. After this, you can go through the Pretoria architect directory on our portal to find a list of potential professionals you can hire. Send them a query using the online contact form to get started.