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Gardeners in Welkom

This is a city located in the South African province of the Free State, and is actually the second largest city in that area. Welkom has been said to have grown almost twice as fast as the growth in Johannesburg. This city is also just a few kilometres apart from the city of Bloemfontein. Something that Welkom is very proud of is their intricate and well functioning system of traffic circles that are so well connected that they still only have a handful of traffic lights. The city was created after gold was discovered in the region nearby and was thereafter declared an official town in the year 1948. Welkom is also very well known as the circle city or better yet, the ‘City Within the Garden’ and has many more attractive scenes in and around the city and are fantastic game drives, nature reserves and tours of them and amazing big five game drives. 

What Does a Gardener Do?

Gardeners are usually a solo act for a normal size home, but the professionals who tend to larger gardens and spaces that need teams of gardening professionals. This is known as a gardening service, that can do just about anything for you and your garden. These professional teams will need to make use of their knowledge of measuring things, their skills and ability to complete extremely hard laborious tasks like digging, light building, and mowing of wide grassy plains. There are also other important things that gardeners need to understand, which is the science of planting seeds, growing and nurturing young plants and thereafter, knowing what is best to keep them alive too. This is very important for a gardener to, as they need to keep your garden tidy and well nourished, but they also need to do everything they can to keep the plants alive. Gardeners ultimately attempt to make the most out of the gardens they are given to work in when they are hired, by examining the soil there, adding more nutrients if needed, the geographic location which will in turn affect the weather. 

Creating a Spectacular Garden

  • Tips for  Small Garden

If you have a garden that is relatively small or there is very limited space where you can actually plant something and do some digging, or where a plant or small tree can grow to a certain height. This means that this is a small garden, and there is special care and a clever way to still make a small garden a gorgeous one. The first tip we can give you for a small garden is to make the most of the height that you do have. Using crutches around the house such as the walls around your garden, the fences around your pool, and even the brick that makes up your front steps. The second tip for a small garden owner is to plant what you can, but when you do, get plants that flower, and bright flowers. Having a small garden filled with bright colours and the most as possible. 

  • The Beginner Gardener

Now for all those wanting to take up gardening and have no idea where to begin, these tips are for you. To begin, a gardener must always know what kind of soil they have in their garden. The soil needs to be the perfect combination that your plants need to survive and to thrive in that garden. The soil needs to coincide with the weather conditions as well as the type of plant. That leads me to the second tip for a beginner gardener, is to think about the location of their plants. Particular plants need a certain amount of light, and need a certain amount of sand and water that creates the perfect ingredients that makes a plant flourish. Some plants are strictly shade plants, and others need semi shade, and finally there’s full sun plants. This is something that you need to get used to before you go buying any and every pretty plant in the nursery

How Much a Gardening Service Costs

A solo gardener can cost anything between R 80 to R 250 per session which could be daily, weekly or every two weeks. This all depends on the needs of the client, and how much is necessary for that particular garden. Now the team of gardeners which is the gardening service, which is known to cost around R 750 to R 1000 a session. This may seem steep in price but most definitely worth it as the services they offer includes planting, cleaning which involves de-weeding and maybe if needed the application of pesticides to protect the garden from harmful bugs and overgrown weeds that can take over the garden. This also includes cutting the grass, trimming the trees and hedges and shaping those trees and hedges to accommodate the size and shape of the garden. 

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