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Tembisa is a large township in the Gauteng province and has seen some local born and bred talents like local DJ and music producer Dj Sbu, TV celebrity and Avon ambassador Pearl Madiadie, Dj Shimza, and gospel singer Solly Mahlangu. The province has plenty of rolling hills and various landscapes that take the task of skilled gardeners to maintain. Tembisa is also home to a large community and when it comes to creativity and technical abilities, they truly thrive. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy when visiting and if you’re looking for a skilled gardener in Tembisa, you’ll find the perfect match.

What do gardeners in Tembisa do?

Gardeners in Tembisa are like landscapers, only that they focus on the upkeep and maintenance of a garden. For this reason, they’ll be monitoring a garden with the finest attention to detail as well as ensuring the longevity and health of plants and trees in the said garden. They often work in commercial areas and are employed with landscapers to work on projects and they work in their private capacity. Some gardeners are also employed with large gardening companies.

Sometimes gardeners are tasked to work on site at hotels, holiday resorts, nurseries and local farms. Some of their responsibilities/skills include but are not limited to:

  • Being able to advise management about the costs for plants and equipment
  • Being able to do basic maintenance plants and trees in the garden
  • Clean up any debris and rubbish in the garden
  • Be able to use the gardening tools
  • Be able to plant and maintain new plants
  • Adhere to health and safety regulations and provide and maintain a safe environment in the garden
  • Hard working and lover of outdoors
  • Remove weeds and mow lawn
  • Fertilize plants and trees
  • Maintain a degree of pest control in the garden
  • Be able to plant additional trees

Benefits of hiring gardeners in Tembisa

Self-employed gardeners in Tembisa are easy to find. However, many private companies employ gardening professionals to work for them. Gardeners are often required to work on bigger landscape projects as well as residential home gardens.

There are many benefits to being a gardener and to hiring a professional one. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Increase the value of your home

Nobody likes an unkempt garden, and if your garden is well maintained and tidy, and most of all, looks beautifully, it will increase the value of your home.

2.  Therapeutic

If you enjoy gardening, you’ll enjoy the therapeutic benefits that come with growing and maintaining beautiful plants. Being able to meet your goal of growing the plants and trees you’ve wanted is very satisfying.

3.  Leave the hard work to the pros

If you’ve always wanted a full on forest-like garden, then it’s going to take a lot of maintenance and a whole lot of hard work to achieve. If you don’t have the time, let alone energy to be in the garden all day trimming and looking after multiple plants, then a skilled gardener can. When you’re running a commercial business and need a lovely garden then a gardener can help permanently take care of your plants and trees.

4.  Good for the environment

While many people and businesses are trying to reduce their environmental imprint and “go green”, having a garden can help do this. You not only recycle the air but also get to enjoy the goodness of nature in the outdoor areas of your home or business.

How much do gardeners earn?

There are various rates for ganders, as some are not employed via a gardening company specifically. According to Payscale South Africa, professional gardeners can earn an annual income of R23,000 to R72,000 a year. It’s not the highest earning jobs, but some people truly enjoy the “nature” that comes with being a gardener. The salary can also differ from province to province and rates in their own capacity as well as being employed by a company can influence how much a gardener in Tembisa will earn a month.

You can find gardeners in Tembisa as well as many more professionals to help with all your home renovation and décor needs at homify.

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