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Do you have green fingers? Are you a person who likes to stay connected with nature? Living in a city has its positives but it also comes with its negatives like being surrounded by nothing but concrete. But, even within the urban jungle, it’s possible to enjoy a slice of paradise in your very own home! And it begins with having a breathtaking garden of your own. 

The desire to have a garden is great, but you also have to be devoted to it, in order for it to thrive. If you’re too busy and don’t have time to tend to it, then what you can do is to hire a gardener who is an expert at tending to plants and trees, and taking care of gardens. Here are some of the different types of gardens that you can have in your interior and exterior space. Choose the type of garden depending on the size of your home, and what you want to use your garden for. 

The Many Different Types of Gardens

1.  Herb Garden

An herb garden comprises of culinary or restorative herbs, and regularly has beautiful aesthetic value as well. Truth be told, herb plants are frequently underestimated as potential design components in landscaping. Actually, herbs have the additional merit for their wonderful fragrant foliage as well. Some even have beautiful blooms. An herb garden is beneficial for your kitchen. They can be used as garnishing in salads and roasts, to add a burst of flavour to bland vegetables and stews, and to even add an extra bit of spice to meat. Herbs are easy to plant and you don’t have to fuss over them too much. Herbs blossom in pots and beds. Plant them in moist soil in a proper container or pot. 

2.  Water Garden

The magnificence of water gardens lies in the beauty and stillness of water surfaces, pool appearances and freshness of plants around the edges. In making water gardens, first thing to consider is what are the potential outcomes of supply of fresh water and methods for arranging the disposal of the surplus water. Dormant water can get foul, ugly to look at and unsafe to your well-being. A water garden need not be bound to a conventional type of a water lake, having fish and fauna. It could be a conduit, wellspring or basically a compartment containing few floating plants. Use bio-channels or copper sulfate to keep your water clean.

3.  Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden is an occasionally utilized space, different from the remainder of the private greenery enclosure. Your kitchen garden is a zone comprising of vegetables, herbs, blossoms and a few organic products grown together. In structuring an individual kitchen garden, it’s imperative to work on the sorts of vegetables and herbs that are being utilized routinely, in your own cooking. For restricted space, one can utilize holders as well as climbers. Always ensure that the kitchen garden is placed in a sunny spot, next to a water source, and near your kitchen. On the off chance that space is a problem for you, then use a step down design to harness sunlight for your plants. Some simple vegetables that one can develop are tomatoes, spinach, radish, lettuce, fenugreek, gourds, beans, crisp, and cabbage. Organic produce that can be grown in pots are guava, papaya, lemon, and pomegranate. 

4.  Rock Garden

Otherwise called rockery or an alpine garden, a rock garden features the extensive utilization of rocks/stones with crevices. Plants that develop here will in general be tinier and favor a well-drained soil, and less water. A rock garden should look normal and not superimposed with extra additions. It also looks great in open daylight or partial shade.

5.  Indoor Gardens

Indoor patio nurseries help us keep in contact with nature. Houseplant foliage is of different sizes, shapes and hues, and have decreased compost prerequisites. Indoor plants for the most part are evergreens, and they require moderate daylight. The measure of light required in one area would differ as indicated by season (edge of sun, day length), window shade, divider shading and area itself. While absence of adequate light outcomes in poor plant development, exorbitant light can be unsafe, making leaves blanch, singe or even dry. This can likewise occur if steady movement of plants isn't done from inside to outside or the other way around. 

6.  Flower Garden

A flower garden is a mix of plants of various sizes, hues, textures, and aromas which makes each one of them very unique and special. A flower garden is for the most part developed for decorative reasons. Plan your patio nursery in three strata-trees, shrubs and ground spread. Have raised beds, fringes, walkways for the plants.

So, are you ready to hire a gardener and get your greens in order? Get ready to create a slice of paradise in your backyard! 

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