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Gardeners in Polokwane 

Polokwane (also known by its former name ‘Pietersburg’) is the capital of South Africa’s Limpopo Province. It is the largest urban centre located north of Gauteng and was one of the host cities of 2010 FIFA World Cup. Polokwane means Place of Safety in Northern Sotho.

Founded as a town in 1886, Polokwane officially reached city status more than a century later on 23 April 1992.

Polokwane is located about halfway between Gauteng (300 km) and the Zimbabwean border (200 km) on the N1 highway. This connects Zimbabwe with South Africa’s major cities including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town.

Aiding in its dedication to tourism is the fact that Polokwane provides various nature and wildlife viewing opportunities. One notable example is the Polokwane Bird and Reptile Park, which houses more than 280 species of birds. Another interesting fact about Polokwane is that the city has more public sculptures per capita in its parks than elsewhere in South Africa.

What are the responsibilities of a professional Gardener?

As the title suggests, a Gardener is in charge of maintaining the outdoor spaces of a residential / commercial / industrial space’s gardens and parks. This is achieved by looking after the beauty of the plants, outdoor grounds, trees, etc. Gardeners perform a variety of general maintenance tasks depending on their job site, as they can work on public parks, residential gardens, gardens belonging to hotels and schools, farms, and nurseries.

The general responsibilities of a Gardener include:

  • Maintaining and growing the garden to ensure it meets specific requirements and expectations
  • Performing basic maintenance like mowing lawns, managing weed control, raking leaves, etc.
  • Planting and nurturing new trees, flowers and other plants
  • Working with an assortment of hand tools and basic light machinery like plant vehicles
  • Servicing all garden equipment and machinery to ensure they aid in the Gardener’s tasks
  • Providing guidance to management related to the garden, including the costs of new plants and other garden necessities
  • Ensuring a clean, neat and safe environment for the client / staff by adhering to safety and health regulations.

What do Gardeners do in winter?

Just because the temperature drops and plants don’t thrive as they usually do doesn’t mean a Gardener’s work is done. Winter gardening includes:

  • Shrub regeneration and stooling (Regeneration involves either pruning out old stems and/or pruning back all branches to encourage fresh shoots for spring. The amount of pruning required depends on how the plants have been pruned in the past or varies with species)
  • Seasonal pruning
  • Bare root planting
  • Preparation of soil
  • Landscaping repairs
  • Keeping garden space tidy via storm repairs, pressure washing, etc.
  • Removal of ivy and bramble
  • Clearance of snow (where applicable) and leaves
  • Working on weeds (weed borders before spring bulbs flower, which is harder to do when they flower).

Where can I look for the perfect Gardener?

  1. Speak to friends, neighbours and colleagues, as word-of-mouth referrals still remain the most reliable of all methods. You might even get a special discount for hiring a recommended Gardener.
  2. Local observation, such as spotting a company van at a neighbour’s house whose garden you admire. By all means, get their contact details and give them a call.
  3. Check online to find all gardening services available in your area. This way, you’ll get a lot more detailed information (such as website, pictures of their work, etc.) and be able to make a good comparison between the various professionals.

Fortunately, homify makes finding the ideal professional (whether it’s a Gardener, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, or another expert altogether) for your project much easier through our Professionals pages. Our collections include additional information on each pro, such as location, portfolio, contact details, and even customer reviews where applicable. Shortlist the Gardeners that fit your needs – that way, you have more than one to approach.

What to keep in mind before you hire a professional Gardener

  1. Think seasonally, as certain gardening services are better in certain climates. For instance, winter is the best time for pruning as this is when plants like roses and fruit trees are dormant – of course this is something that a professional Gardener would already know!
  2. Do your research before hiring a professional gardening service. Check out their website, read reviews, and make sure they offer the exact service you need.
  3. If you get a recommendation from friends and family who have used a Gardener, make sure exactly what type of services were done.
  4. Make sure the Gardener you choose is professional and has a fully trained and qualified staff. You want the best value for your money; thus, you can’t employ people whom you feel you can’t trust to come onto your property. The gardening services that you make use of must also be fully insured.
  5. Always insist on a written quote before you hire anyone. Some companies claim to have no hidden costs, yet be sure to ask just in case. Keep a copy of that quote and compare it afterwards with the services to ensure you pay what you asked for.
  6. Know fully what you want to get out of the Gardener and his/her team. Never be tricked into employing someone whose services you don’t actually need. If possible, be present and available when the gardening services are working in case any questions arise and you need to clarify your needs.
  7. Ask for advice on how you can maintain your garden after the Gardener has finished. Gardeners are filled with a wealth of knowledge on keeping gardens clean and tidy – just in case you don’t want to employ a professional to do the basic tasks like cleaning up on a weekly basis.
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