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Gardeners in Mbombela

The city of Mbombela is located in the Eastern part of South Africa, and is found in Nelspruit. Mbombela was developed in the province of Mpumalanga and is the capital city too, and is found to be line with the famous Crocodile River. Interestingly it is also estimated to be just over 100 kilometres away from the border that connects Mozambique. This is a great invitation for multiple businesses, and it is a great indication of what kind of home you could build throughout this region, for example, a stunning country home, or even a gorgeous Mediterranean style home with some African flare. This city is called home to over 58 thousand people and still growing everyday, which means properties are ever expanding. 

What Gardeners do

Can we actually pinpoint what a gardener does? Yes we can. A gardener is somebody who tends to the maintenance and well being of a garden, no matter what size or shape. A gardener will usually have a scheduled timetable as to when and what will be done on certain days as to get into a routine. For instance a gardener will need to cut the grass once a week every week during the rainy season as the grass grows at a speedy rate with all that extra water. The second thing a gardener will need to do is arrange, plant and control the flower beds. This may seem like a simple task but, in the case when it is a plant like roses that need to be controlled, the gardener must be very careful to ensure that the roses are pruned correctly, safely and does not over do it, damaging the plants growth cycle in the process. 

Some Great Gardening Tips

Here are some professional gardening tips from the gardeners themselves who want to help you need them a little less. There are simple things that you can do in your own garden to help the growing and nurturing process along, keep those pesky weeds out and what plants you should buy if you ever come across them. 

1.  How to Create Fertile Soil

Creating the perfect soil is a difficult task to get started with, but there are some key elements of a nourishing soil that has just the right combination of nutrients. Some clay may have too much clay, may be too sandy and loose, may have too many stones or might even be too acidic. Ways to avoid or get rid of this is by making sure that your soil has the golden components that make up the perfect soil which is weathered rock, organic matter, water, air, and lets not forget the organisms that live in the soil which adds to its overall health. 

Organisms such as earthworms, who create burrows in the soil which give it its air, insects that live and breed underground who give off much needed nutrients. So in order to achieve this perfect combination of elements, one needs to firstly dig up the soil you have and assess what is needed. Usually after digging up soil the best and easiest thing to do is water thoroughly and then add a bag or two of enriching compost. This process gets all the minerals started. 

2. There’s Shade and there’s Sun

This is probably the most important thing to remember when the gardener isn't around and you have decided to buy some plants and plant them yourself. Before purchasing any plants, gather enough information to know which plants belong in what type of weather or level of sunshine or shade. This could be detrimental to the survival and well being of your plants as if there is a slight imbalance, everything is ruined. We will be looking at the plants that specifically grow in shade only. The first plant that would be great in the shade is called the Mountain Laurel which is very feminine and grows quite large. The second plant that thrives in the shade is called the Japanese Rose which is a gorgeous yellow flower that spreads throughout your garden graciously. 

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