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Gardeners in Kimberley

Kimberley is located in the Northern Province of South Africa and reputable for its mining activity. In fact, diamonds were first discovered in Kimberley during the 1870s on a farm owned by the De Beers Family. Today De Beers is still one of South Africa’s leading diamond distributors. Since its establishment, the region is fondly referred to as the “diamond city”, which is fitting given its history with diamonds.  

Kimberley offers visitors and investors a stunning place that showcase natural beauty, investment opportunity and tourist activities. Gardeners in Kimberley are always hard at work on various projects. Some gardeners work on commercial projects that include shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, as well as residential properties.

What do gardeners in Kimberley do?

Gardeners are responsible for maintaining and preserving the beauty of a garden space, no matter the size. Large gardens may have several gardeners working at the same time to help keep everything neat and tidy.

Gardeners are responsible for the following:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Removing unwanted weeds growing through
  • Keeping pests out of sight
  • Protecting and maintaining plants and trees
  • Replanting of plants
  • Planting new plants
  • Maintaining the tools and replacing damaged tools and equipment

Gardeners must also have the following abilities:

  • Must be able to work in the sun or cold weather
  • Must have a level of fitness and strength to lift heavy bags of soil, fertilizers, and heavier equipment
  • They must also have knowledge about various pesticides and how to use it appropriately
  • With changing weather patterns, a gardener must be able to plant the best suited flora species to ensure longevity

What are the advantages of hiring a gardener?

You can hire a skilled gardener in Kimberley whether you’re looking for a zen garden, traditional garden, a Mediterranean garden, or simply someone to help maintain your existing garden. Gardeners can transform an existing garden into something very different, or create a garden from scratch up. Their skills are highly creative and out of the box that’s why hiring a professional gardener is better than DIY gardening.

  • Gardeners know what plants, soil, fertilizer, and plant food is better suited to various types of plants
  • They have landscaping skills and are able to design something beautiful from start to finish.
  • They save you time when it comes to taking care of your garden at your property
  • You won’t have an annoying pest problem because they monitor these problems all the time
  • A beautiful garden is attractive and will improve the value of your home
  • You’ll save on having to buy additional plants because the garden is kept in shape all the time and thus the plants are taken care of
  • You can arrange when the gardener can come to work
  • They are able to source the right products such as pots, stones, and other things needed for the garden
  • Gardeners also, take care to ensure that the garden doesn’t pose any hazardous situations, so they always take safety into consideration

How do I find a suitable gardener in Kimberley?

There are many self-employed gardeners in Kimberley as well as skilled gardeners working for large corporations. Large gardening companies often specialise in landscaping as well.

You can source a reputable gardener or gardening company at homify, or ask family members for referrals. You can also look online and some will have websites to showcase their skills and past projects.  

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