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5 Gardeners in Johannesburg

Gardeners in Johannesburg

The grand and notorious city of Johannesburg is one of the most well known, world class, and thriving cities in all of the African continent. This is a glorious city that is nestled in the heart of the Gauteng province and is commonly as the City of Gold. The city is lovingly referred to as Jozi, Egoli, and Joburg for short by all South Africans everywhere. The city of Johannesburg is called home to over 950 000 residents and growing, officially making it the most densely populated urban city in the entire country of South Africa, which overtakes the city of Durban, the city of Cape Town and the capital city of Pretoria by hundreds and thousands of people. This awesome city is a property and consumer’s paradise that is filled with opportunity, history and a city filled with trees. 

Job Description of the Gardener

A gardeners job description is simply put and answered, these are professionals who do not just take on gardening as a hobby, but involve measurements, extreme strenuous hard labour, and an understanding of the science of seedlings and plants. It is a complicated and not an exact science to be able to understand how seeds are planted, at what depth, how much sun, how much water they needs and how to maintain them over time. This is complex business! They also need to have a fair amount of knowledge on the creatures and critters that grow and live in gardeners, such as the types of insects that are not good for your plants, the types of plants that might be harmful to your and your pets, as well as how to shelter your garden from infestations from overtaking plants like poisonous mushrooms and venomous insects that can make you very ill. Gardeners ultimately attempt to optimise what they are given when they are hired, by making the best and most out of the soil found in that garden, the location and the climate in that area all in an effort to find the best plants to suit those conditions and location. 

The Cost of hiring a Gardener

Gardeners can cost anything between R 80 to R 1000 per garden session, which could entail an entire full garden service which is the cleaning, servicing and maintenance work of the garden. In South Africa gardeners are not too hard to come by but professional gardeners and their services would usually cost anything around R 750 a week. Some of those maintenance services include planting, cleaning which involves de-weeding and perhaps pesticide application and the laying of compost soil. Cutting the grass, trimming the trees and hedges as well as shaping the trees to suit the size and shape of the garden. 

Other gardeners are known to charge different prices for different time periods. First, they might charge according to the size of the property they will be servicing. This is an important factor to consider as it will determine how many gardeners are needed, and what tools they would need to bring. After considering the size, the gardening service will consider how often they would need to service the property; once a week? Twice a week? Or more? This kind of pricing could costs between R 250 to R 1000 per week depending on how many times a week the gardener would need to come in. 

Make your Garden Spectacular

There are specialised elements that a gardener can help you install, and that a landscape architect can help you place accurately. These items are for those true garden lovers who are looking to turn their garden into more than just a space, but into a flora wonderland that can be filled with fountains and water features, beautifully bold or intricate lighting that makes your garden an inviting space to be in. There are also stunning;y comfortable seating and gathering structures that can be placed inside your garden, away from the house, but can be fully equipped to handle a large group of people with spacious seating options in the form of couches and chairs. There is also a choice to get a fully functional kitchen installed in this outdoor lapa or veranda, where meals can be cooked, a comfortable space to barbeque, and a functional fridge that can hold all your supplies without you or your guests having to walk up and down to the main house for all their needs. 

Another great idea to add to your garden is to have a change room near your pool or even if you do not have a pool. A change room that has a fully equipped toilet, shower, wash basin as well as a closet that can be the most comfortable and conventional choice for your garden, especially if you constantly have gardeners in your yard or whether you spend so much time in the garden that you want to clean yourself off before you go inside. 

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