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Gardeners in Durban

This stunning coastal city found on the east coast of the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. This grand city is the third largest metropolitan city in the country of South Africa, following the city of Johannesburg and the city of Cape Town. The tropical city of Durban is well known for many things such as their exotic foods, exciting night-life, the historic legacy of the powerful and great King Shaka of the Zulu’s, (this is zululand after all). But most of all, Durban and its surrounding areas are best known for its beautiful tropical warm weather. Durban might be the main attraction but there are areas that tourists love just as much in the nearby areas, such as La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks, and Umdloti’s beaches too. 

Much like the rest of the province as well as other places found on the coasts of the country, the gardens and vegetation found is lush, thick in greenery and home to many tropical plants. Plants that are known to thrive in Durban especially are banana trees, fields of bamboo plantations and the gorgeous orchid. The gardening business is literally and figuratively blooming in the city of Durban, what with its moist and humid climate that allows for all plants to flourish. Along with the lovely wet climate and humid environment, there are flaming hot days in Durban too where the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees centigrade. This must also be taken into account when consulting a gardening company for expert gardening services

What Gardeners Do

Most people see gardening as a hobby for many, but there is a large and very lucrative business to get into, whether you consider getting into the nursery business which is where you sell and grow plants, flowers, and other needed gardening products like mulch or compost, or the other side of the gardening sector whereby you provide full gardening and maintenance services to private home owners, a building body corporate, or even becoming the exclusive gardening team of a luxury hotel or holiday resort. 

Gardeners are the people or teams of people who feed, grow and maintain your garden through acts of trimming and shaping hedges, planting and nourishing your flowerbeds, cutting the grass and making strategic choices on which trees to plant, where to plant them and how this will affect the surrounding plants. Most trees can grow and expand underground by two to five metres, which can be dangerous for the foundation of your home, the surround plants and for foundation purposes. Gardeners are not just for the suburban city home owner but they are also very well used in the farming and smallholdings just outside of the cities. 

Indigenous Plants for Durban Gardens

Some plants can be very bad for your garden as well as for an entire neighborhood and eventually a complete city. This is how alien or weed like plants can spread and take over an area which means they steal the water supply underground from other plants that are native to that area or native to the country. This may not seem that important but it is very worrying for South Africa’s stunning fauna that we are so famously world renowned for. Not only are indigenous plants good for the overall fauna, but they are so well adjusted to the South African climate of where they live, in this case Kwa-Zulu Natal, that they do not let you down during the change of seasons when there is no rain, when there flooding and when there is extreme heat or cold. So, some tips for choosing, knowing and planting the right indigenous plants for your Durban garden are described here below. 

The first and probably the best choice of an indigenous plant is the aloe. This is a great water saving succulent plant that grows in every season and just the same it flowers in every season of the year too. The aloe grows so large depending on the space it is permitted, to almost three metres tall and can be several metres wide as an adult plant. 

The second plant that would be a great indigenous addition to your garden is the kei apple tree scientifically known as the Dovyalis Caffra tree that bears a peculiar fruit that has the shame of an apple, but takes on the colour of a peach. This shrub is perfect for all seasons but especially thrives in the rainy season of summer and winter in Durban. 

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