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Gardeners in Diepsloot

The township Diepsloot is located in Johannesburg South Africa and home to a large population of 350,000 people. While it may not be one of the biggest townships in the country, it truly is densely populated for its size. This region of the city is comprised of government-subsidised homes as well as informal settlements. However, despite being known for crime and insecurity, some of the struggling settlement’s residents have their own businesses and try to make a better life. Diepsloot has some raw talents, despite the fact that some of the residents have no formal training and education in their background. These talents include gardening and lots more.

The surrounding areas of the township offer beautiful scenery and accommodation for those looking to explore Johannesburg in Gauteng. Gardeners in Diepsloot render beautiful workmanship and are a benefit to have when it comes to the upkeep of your garden.

What are the benefits of hiring a gardener in Diepsloot?

Owning a garden is a wonderful experience, especially to see the plants flourish under your care. However, not everybody has the time to take care of their gardens, and large gardens require hard work and constant maintenance during seasons. Having a skilled gardener to help look after your garden will greatly benefit you and save you more time to do other things.

There are many benefits to hiring a skilled and experienced gardener, these include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Gardeners have the “know-how”

When it comes to maintaining a garden, no matter the size, an experienced gardener can take care of it for you. Different gardens require different care based on what trees and plants are grown there. Your gardener will know how to take care of the plants no matter the season. A gardener also knows which plants to plant and which ones are best for the weather in the region.

2.  No pests on your watch

Nobody likes a pesky pests, but gardens always attract these creatures who are more than willing to chomp down on your homegrown veg and spices. It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing a spice and veg garden, or pretty plants, your hired gardener in Diepsloot will take care of the pests. They often know which pesticides to use and the difference between synthetic and organic.

3.  Garden ponds and extras is a gardener’s delight

When it comes to sprucing up your garden but you’re not sure what to choose and what things will have a better advantage in your garden, then your gardener will help. Rock gardens are one thing, but when having to choose a garden pond, indecisiveness might get the better of you. There are so many to choose from but your gardener can help you pick one that is perfectly suited to the size and dimensions as well as the aesthetics of your home garden.

4.  Saves you time and money

A skilled gardener will save you loads of time and money when it comes to the upkeep of your garden. They often have tools to work with, which in this case means that you don’t have to buy your own. They also help you to save money by choosing cost-effective, yet beautiful plants (suited to the environment and won’t need replacing all the time). They also help you choose good equipment for gardening if you’re supplying the equipment. Some gardeners also know how to maintain the equipment themselves (cuts out the cost of a technician).

How do I find a reliable gardener in Diepsloot?

There are many ways to find a good gardener in Diepsloot. There are various directories and companies that you can search online. Some gardeners work for large landscaping companies and others work for themselves.

You could also ask friends, acquaintances and family members for any referrals because in this way you can also be sure that you’re hiring a reliable gardener for your property’s garden needs.

When starting your search for your gardener, there are some questions to ask yourself:

1.  Do I have a budget for a gardener?

Many gardeners are affordable to hire, but how often would you need their services? Will it cost more than your budget a month?

2.  What are their qualifications?

Many gardeners are self-trained but some are qualified having trained and received a certificate at a college or landscape association of some kind. These candidates know how various tools work, how to design a garden from scratch, how to improve a garden, and lots more.

3.  Are they going to be reliable?

Sure when you’ve found your gardener you’re going to want someone reliable that will work unsupervised and have good time management. You also don’t want someone “dodgy” who might steal from you or someone who doesn’t have any idea about pesticides and mowing a lawn properly.

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