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Gardeners in Cape Town

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa. Affectionately called the “Mother City” (especially by locals), Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, as well as the primate city of the Western Cape Province.

Known as one of the most popular international tourist destinations in the world, Cape Town has a variety of alluring attractions. These include its mild climate, natural setting, and well-developed infrastructure. In addition, the city also has a number of well-known features that stand out for both local and visitor, most notably Table Mountain, The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (which was built atop part of the docks of the Port of Cape Town), picturesque beaches, and a slew of wine farms.

The city is also noted for its rich architectural heritage, with the most Cape Dutch-style structures in the world. Cape Dutch style, a unique design which combines the architectural traditions of the Netherlands, Germany, France and Indonesia, is most visible in Constantia (about 15 km south of the centre of Cape Town), the old government buildings in the Central Business District, and along Long Street (which is also noted for its numerous Victorian buildings with wrought-iron balconies).

What does a Gardener do?

A Gardener performs a variety of duties to ensure a garden remains clean, nourished, safe, and beautiful. This means having to perform lots of duties such as weeding, planting, trimming and watering, keeping bugs away, ensuring the soil is moist and healthy, mowing lawns, removing fallen leaves, and picking up trash.

Gardeners are also sometimes called groundskeepers or landscape gardeners.

Gardeners can work in residential suburbs (by taking care of families’ lawns and plants in their back- and front yards), commercial and industrial (by looking after the plants outside hotels and office buildings, maintaining the greens of golf courses, ensuring public parks and gardens of schools / universities are kept neat, etc.).

How does hiring a Gardener benefit you?

1.    You are treated to industry experience and expertise

Most gardens require a unique kind of care that go beyond merely planting and watering. This is due to lawns having particular types of soil- and water requirements, plus varying degrees of soil pH. This means the accompanying plants and flowers are different as well, and require special care.

When we regular folk don’t understand why plants are dying, or are not sure about which flowers / trees are the best to plant in a specific area, a Gardener will offer his / her professional insight and advice that come from years of training and experience.

2.    It saves you the hassle of having to buy tools and equipment

A lot of people with gardens will own a mower, pruners, rakes and shovels, but professional Gardeners have a slew of additional goodies that help them do their job properly, including pesticides for insects, extendable hedge trimmers, and much more. Having a gardening service be in charge of your garden / yard means you don’t have to purchase and maintain these expensive tools.

3.    They’ll be there when you need them

When laziness strikes, the last thing you want to do is go outside and tend to a garden. But since it’s a Gardener’s job to keep an outdoor space looking neat and healthy, they will push through and finish the job regardless of the season.

4.    They can help you build your own organic produce garden

Should you feel the need to have vegetables and fruits in your garden in addition to flowers, a professional Gardener is just the person to contact. Not only will they help you pick the right plants depending on your region’s climate, but they will also maintain them to ensure they thrive regardless of the weather.

5.    You get to enjoy a healthy and beautiful garden without any effort

If you truly understand what having a well-maintained garden can mean for your property (such as the fact that it can up your kerb appeal), a professional Gardener becomes even more valuable. They are the ones who will take care of all the hard work that comes with having a visually pleasing outdoor space, whether it’s mowing or watering, fertilising or weeding, mulching or pruning.

4 questions to ask a Gardener before hiring them

1.    Can you describe the tools and equipment you use to do your gardening work? This tests the candidate’s experience of working with various gardening tools.

2.    What would you do in case of a garden infestation problem? This question demonstrates their ability to take control of a situation and solve an unexpected problem.

3.    How often would you water a garden and why? This shows their knowledge of effective gardening methods.

4.    If I have a tight budget, how would you recommend spending less money for a garden makeover? This question can demonstrate the Gardener’s budgeting skills and knowledge of plant costs.

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