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4 Gardeners in Boksburg

Gardeners in Boksburg

Boksburg is known for its coal and gold mining activity, since its establishment in the 1880s. It is home to a population of over 206,000 people (2011 census) and is also one of South Africa’s oldest towns in the Witwatersrand region.  

Gardeners in Boksburg are skilled at designing and planning some of the most beautiful gardens around. Hiring skilled gardeners in Boksburg will help you create and maintain stunning gardens whether you run a commercial or residential setup.

What do gardeners in Boksburg do?

Gardeners in Boksburg are responsible for maintaining gardens of commercial and residential properties. Sometimes gardeners are employed by landscaping companies. Commercially, they could also be employed to maintain the gardens of hospitals, zoos, nurseries, parks, shopping centres, hotels, and large residential estates. When they’re employed for residential work, they often help people maintain their small or large gardens. Some of the main responsibilities of a gardener include but is not limited to the following:

  • Work with gardening tools
  • Maintain and mow the lawn
  • Remove weeds
  • Plant new plants and trees
  • Maintain the plants
  • Maintain irrigation of the garden
  • Maintain the gardening equipment
  • Employ pest control
  • Trim and edge plants and trees 

What do you need to become a gardener?

There are no set requirements to become a gardener, but to specialise further and branch into landscaping, more training and experience is required. However, gardeners are hard working and their job enquirers working long hours outdoors as well as manual labour. Most of the tools used are manually operated, and some are electrical machinery such as lawn mowers and so forth. Some gardeners are professionally trained, at places such as The Lifestyle College, which offers full-time and part-time gardening and landscaping courses. Some of the requirements that gardeners need to have include the following:

1.  Experience in landscapes

Dealing with various types of landscapes is part of a gardener’s job. Knowing about irrigation and tools to use to accommodate the suitable landscapes is very important.

2.  Knowledge of plant species

A professional gardener will have knowledge of various plant species as well as which plants are better suited in different weather patterns and regions.

3.  Difference between natural and synthetic fertilizers

While not all fertilizers are the same, it’s important to know the difference between organic and synthetic. This is essential when employed to work on farms.

4.  Pest control knowledge

Gardeners need to know what are the best pest control options as well as synthetic and organic pest control options.

5.  Strength

A degree of physical strength as the job requires heavy lifting of equipment and tools.

6.  Safety

Gardeners need to be knowledgeable of safety whilst working with equipment, pest control, and plant species. The garden is a public or communal space and safety need to be practiced when using poisonous pesticides, machinery, and equipment. Some plants can be poisonous to pets and possibly to people as well so care is taken with the selection for the garden.

7.  Need to love the outdoors

Gardeners need to have a love for outdoor spaces in order to enjoy their job because most of their time will be in the open outdoors. Wearing protective gardening gloves as well as sun hats and sunscreen are just some of the precautions when working as a gardener in Boksburg.

8.  Experience is appreciated

Sure when hiring a gardener, some folks don’t mind choosing someone who is naturally skilled at a job. However, having someone with experience goes a long way to have a better outcome. So gardeners with experience are often preferred especially when their expertise is required with big projects such as landscapes and designing of a new complex that may have a garden feature.

homify has a variety of professionals who can help with all your renovation and home improvement needs. At homify you can also find the best suitable gardeners in Boksburg to help you maintain and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space.

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