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Gardeners in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is a vibrant town and one of the country’s largest cities around. The beautiful region goes by the nickname “The City of Roses” because there are so many rose bushes lining local streets and garden parks throughout the city. In fact, the name means “spring of flowers” or “fountain of flowers” when translated from Dutch. Many folks visit Bloemfontein for all the great things to do, even the annual rose festival that is much-loved and celebrated by the locals and visitors alike. Apart from natural beauty, it is also the home and childhood homes of many South African athletes and celebrities.

Since the region is so attractive and draws so many visitors and investors, it’s no surprise that there are so many gardeners in Bloemfontein. Many of them work in large commercial industries, government, and residential home gardens.

What does a gardener do?

A gardener in Bloemfontein is a special person with the skills to create a beautiful outdoor environment by using plants and trees.

Since the region is so attractive and draws so many visitors and investors, it’s no surprise that there are so many gardeners in Bloemfontein. Many of them work in large commercial industries, government, and residential home gardens. Here below are some more common tasks for gardeners:

1.  Maintain and beautify

Gardeners can support even the most “demanding” large gardens. They have the time and the patience to apply their creativity in a garden environment. Even an unkempt garden that looks much neglected stands no match for an experienced and skilled gardener in Bloemfontein. Some of the maintenance includes mowing the lawn, pruning trees, uprooting roots and taking care of pest situations. They can also add extra plants and trees to the garden as best suited to the environment (weather patterns).

2.  Design your garden

They are able to tap into their creativity and not only transform an existing garden into something new and fresh, but also create one from scratch. They have a keen eye for detail and just like most designers, they are able to visualize a place long before it’s completed.

3.  They practice safety

When it comes to garden work, safety is also important because they use electric machinery such as trimmers and mowers and those can cause injury. Whilst maintaining their own safety on the job, they also look out for the safety of those in the garden and around them.

Is it expensive to hire a gardener in Bloemfontein?

When it comes to budgeting for your gardener, you’ll find that there are various prices or rates. Freelance gardeners work their own rates and see to their own financial expenses, which aren’t supplemented by a company employing them. For this reason, a self-employed or freelance gardener may be more expensive than one employed or contracted through a company. Gardeners also have to compensate for the tools they use as well as the diesel or petrol to operate grass cutters.

With that said, you should consider listing such as homify for gardeners in Bloemfontein and other professionals to help improve your home. You can also check other online gardening services available and ask them for quotations before making up your mind. There are also families and friends who may help with referrals to good gardeners they use.

How do I choose a gardener?

There are a few set factors to consider when selecting your gardener and they include but are not limited to the following:

  • Budget – what are you prepared to pay for your garden?
  • Outsourcing – will you hire a gardening company or an individual?
  • Time – how often will you need them to maintain your garden?
  • Workload – what exactly do you need them to do in your garden?

Once you’ve decided and answered all of the above, the next step would be contacting the gardening company or individual.

How to know you have a good gardener in Bloemfontein?

Not all gardeners have certificates and qualifications; in fact, that isn’t a true requirement in South Africa for a gardener. Gardening takes a passionate love for nature, plants and the love for growing and maintaining these natural beautiful creations. There are institutions where individuals can obtain training and study everything from techniques, design and other aspects related to gardening. Many of the professionals who study can also become landscapers depending on their curricula. Here’s how to tell you’ve employed a good gardener:

  • They genuinely care about the wellbeing of your garden; hence, they really take care of the plants with proper maintenance.
  • Some can produce landscaping qualifications
  • They know how to use the tools as well as the fertilizer and pesticides
  • They have skills and technique and don’t cause damage to the plants and trees in the garden
  • They clean up well and dispose properly of the waste materials
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