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Floorers in Welkom

Even though Welkom is the youngest town in South Africa (it was only established in 1947 after gold was discovered on a farm in the area known as St Helena), it has become the second-largest city in the Free State Province. Welkom is located about 258 km south-west of Johannesburg.

Welkom (which is the Afrikaans word for “welcome”) is also known as the Circle City due to the city’s very effective road system which predominantly uses traffic circles instead of traffic lights.

Riebeeckstad, the largest residential suburb in Welkom, was named after Jan van Riebeeck and was established as an upper-class area for people working in Welkom or on the Free State goldfields. For March 2019, the average price of Welkom properties was listed as R 974 814 (as per property24).

What is a Floorer?

A Floorer is a professional in the construction industry who measures, cuts, and installs different types of flooring for clients’ homes or offices. The types of flooring materials that Floorers use include linoleum, marble, wood, carpet and many others.

Floorers are also responsible for removing older flooring surfaces, laying down and levelling subfloors, and installing new flooring based on the relevant design.

Similar to the many careers in construction (such as Electricians, Roofers, etc.), there are peak periods that require Floorers to work overtime. The number of additional hours worked on a weekly basis depends on the construction sector and project. Floorers may even be required to work certain nights, like renovating offices that are occupied during the day.

Floorers work mostly indoors and usually with a team of other workers. Installing floors is a physically demanding job that often involves lifting heavy materials and kneeling for long periods of time. Safety is always a top priority of Floorers and they are trained to take special precautions to protect themselves against injuries.

What are the most popular types of flooring materials that Floorers work with?

Sometimes it’s a no-brainer as to which flooring material is the best for a specific space (such as tiles in a bathroom). Other times, the choice in floors in subject to the house’s style, the available budget, the personal style of the clients, as well as preferences of the local market. These flooring materials are considered some of the trendier and more popular options that professional Floorers work with:

  1. Ceramic or porcelain tile: Porcelain and glazed ceramic tile are some of the most durable options. Adding to their popularity is the fact that they require very little maintenance.
  2. Hardwood and bamboo: A perennial favourite with property buyers and –renters, hardwood makes sense for almost any living space and can be seen in countless kitchens, living room, and dining areas. Hardwood is not a great choice for areas that get wet or sees lots of traffic (including bathrooms and mudrooms). Bamboo is very similar to hardwood in terms of performance, cost, installation, and maintenance requirements.
  3. Laminate: The ideal low-cost alternative to hardwood, laminate is made of wood pulp and resin and can be designed to perfectly mimic a range of wooden floors.
  4. Carpet: A timeless classic that is available in a plethora of styles, colours, patterns and textures. Since carpet is warm, soft and quiet, it is preferred by the majority of homeowners for bedrooms, living- and family rooms.
  5. Vinyl and linoleum: These two are different materials, but similar types of “resilient” flooring. They are both easy to install, highly durable, resistant to moisture, and available in many different colours and styles. Both options are also great choices for hard-working and high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional Floorer?

·         First-rate equipment: Most people don’t have the top-notch tools required for a professional flooring project, which makes the services of a highly trained Floorer even more important. A competent Floorer doesn’t just acquire the right equipment, but also has cutting-edge machines to ensure that installation job proceeds quickly, smoothly and successfully.

·         Quality installation: Thanks to their equipment, experience and skills, Floorers ensure high-quality floors for every project they work on. And since they’ve been professionally trained for working with different floor materials, you can be sure the project will be completed correctly the first time, which is not always the case with people attempting DIY flooring installations.

·         Expert advice: Professional Floorers are well clued up on the different types of flooring materials, which installation methods to use on which option, and also the best ways of maintaining the flooring surfaces after installation. By taking their expert advice on board, you can rest assured that you will be getting correct, professional, and reliable insights.

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