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Floorers in Vereeniging

Vereeniging, which is about 66 km south of Johannesburg, is a city in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. It is located where the River empties into the northern loop of the Vaal River. Vereeniging’s closest neighbours are Vanderbijlpark (to the west), Three Rivers (east), Meyerton (north) and Sasolburg (south).

For March 2019, 2 947 three-bedroom apartments were listed in Vereeniging by property24, making up the majority of available listings. This was followed by 1 080 three-bedroom listings and 682 two-bedroom ones. At 21 173, houses are by far the most popular type of property available in Vereeniging, with 2 657 apartments available for the same period.

As of March 2019, the average price of properties in Vereeniging is R 1 458 340.

What is a Floorer?

Also known as a Flooring Installer or Flooring Contractor, a Floorer is a professional in the construction / architectural industry responsible for installing different types of flooring and floor coverings. They work in both residential and commercial industries with a range of different flooring materials like hardwood, carpet, vinyl, tile, linoleum, etc. Since the floor of a building can be very ornate (depending on the type of building), the job of a professional Floorer is quite important.

A Floorer can install the floors on a new construction project, but they can also work on existing buildings were old floors need to be removed and replaced with new ones. Regardless of the project at hand, Floorers need to put safety first (just like other professionals in the industry like Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers, etc.) and may be required to wear personal protective equipment.

The standard tools that can be used by a Floorer for a typical installation project may include a tape measure, hammer, t-square, flooring cutters, tile cutters, carpet stretchers and knee kickers.

What sort of training does a Floorer undergo?

Matric is a good preparation for this type of field with courses in geometry, algebra, business arithmetic, and mechanical drawing.

To enter this trade, there are several options. Formal apprenticeships usually teach trainees how to work with various different covering materials and tools. The more materials they can install, the higher the possibility of them finding work. Apprenticeship classes and programmes, usually supervised by various trade unions, teach layouts, architectural drawings, and other necessary skills.

On-the-job training for a Floorer is another option, where new employees begin as assistants to professional and established Floorers and learn the trade through them.

Why is it important to hire a professional Floorer instead of DIYing it?

  • They know the latest trends

Aside from working with the many different types of flooring materials, professional Floorers also get hands-on experience in the various trends and styles by working on different projects and working alongside other professionals in the industry. Thus, whether you want to install classic tile floors, rustic hardwood floors or lush carpeting, a professional Floorer has seen it all and can easily offer advice on which materials will best suit which area of your home. They may even provide you with new ideas you have never even heard of.

  • They have vital experience

From the day they start training, Floorers pick up a wealth of knowledge and skills that allow them to excel at their job. And once they start working on various projects they gain much experience that allows them to fine-tune their skills. They might even begin to specialise in a certain type of material, such as hardwood or ceramic tile. In addition, working in the industry with various people gives them an edge over a regular person who likes to DIY the odd job here and there. Because of all this, they can easily understand a client’s unique needs when it comes to flooring spaces.

  • They believe in high-quality services

If you want top-notch results you need to hire a top-notch person for the job. Professional Floorers are in a position to identify first-rate materials and finishes, whether you’re seeking concrete floors for a patio or wall-to-wall carpeting for a nursery.

  • They help to save costs

Of course money is another factor which comes into play when deciding whether to hire a pro or go at it alone. Although you may want to pay less for a flooring project, bear in mind that a professional Floorer is also trained to find the balance between the prices and the quality of services. A novice can easily make a mess of a flooring installation, which will result in a waste of your time and money. Rather pay a bit more for a professional right from the start to ensure first-rate services and superior quality.

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