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Tembisa is a large township located on the East Rand of Gauteng, in the northern side of Kempton Park. Originally established in 1957, its name is derived from the Nguni word ‘Themibsa’ which means ‘promise’ and ‘hope’. This highlights the general feeling of the residents when the township was first founded, for everyone carried a lot of hope and promise for a better future.

Houses are the most listed type of property in Tembisa, with no fewer than 34 081 being available in March 2019 (as per property24). Two-bedroom properties are the most popular abodes, with 61 available for the same time period (followed by 42 three-bedroom ones). Property buyers between the ages of 36 and 49 make up the majority of recent buyers in Tembisa (31,2%) for March 2019. Currently, the average price of properties in Tembisa is approximately R 788 112.

What does a floorer do?

A floorer (also known as a flooring installer or floor covering installer) installs all kinds of flooring materials for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. These materials can include carpet, wood, vinyl, tiles, linoleum, etc. floorers are generally employed by construction companies, floor-covering contractors, installation firms, and carpet retailers, but they may also be self-employed.

Depending on the project, a floorer may be working with other professionals in the construction industry (such as electricians, roofers, painters, etc.).

The typical duties of a floorer may include the following:

·         Installing carpeting, hardwood floors, trims and bases to floors or other surfaces

·         Inspecting, measuring, and preparing flooring surfaces to be covered

·         Inspecting and repairing floor surfaces that have been damaged

·         Estimating materials and labour costs.

How do professional floorers install hardwood flooring?

Need to hire a professional to treat a room in your home to brand-new wooden floors? Here is what you can expect:

1.  The process

The installation of hardwood floors happens in four different phases. First, a size estimate needs to happen. After you’ve contacted a potential professional or company, an estimator will come to your home and measure the floors that are in need of new flooring surfaces. Be sure to always contact more than one floorer so that you obtain at least three estimates. When all of the estimates are produced, expect to see a wide difference. This is because some floorers may throw out high estimates as they know there is a certain percentage of homeowners prone to immediately signing a contract. Don’t get caught in that trap – by weighing various estimates against each other, you weed out those outlier quotes.

2.    The Price

The price estimate is up next, where a size estimator may sit down with you and crunch the numbers to come up with a price estimate. As soon as you receive the cost estimate, look out for a few important details, such as:

  • Will the floorers assist in moving the furniture?
  • Will the floorers cut the floorboards inside or outside? Cutting wood on a miter saw, especially on that scale, can produce quite a considerable amount of airborne debris / dust.
  • Will the floorer and his team seal off other rooms with plastic to contain debris and dust?
  • How will they handle baseboards, since baseboards usually overlap flooring? Will the existing baseboards be cut to fit the hardwood underneath? Will the professionals remove the baseboards and re-install them after the new flooring has been put in place?

3.    The acclimation

The next phase is the delivery of the flooring and acclimation. This should happen at least three days before the flooring installers arrive. Acclimation refers to the wood reaching an equilibrium, or a moisture balance, with the home. Dry climates require longer acclimation periods.

4.    The installation

For the installing, the floorers usually arrive early in the morning and set up their saws and tools outside or in the garage, depending on the weather. If the sub-floor is in good condition, the installation can begin right away. And since professional floorers work quickly and efficiently, at least one or two rooms (depending on size) will flaunt new floors by the end of the first day.

What to ask a professional floorer before hiring one

·         How long will it take to complete the installation?

·         How soon can work being on my flooring project?

·         Does the installation estimate include cleanup and disposing of my old flooring?

·         Can you compare the installation estimate I received from another professional with yours?

·         Will you be overseeing the project or will you make use of a contractor?

·         What would you do if a problem occurs with the installation?

·         Is there an extra charge if you need to return to my home afterwards to fix something?

·         What, if anything, do you do during the project to minimise irritants, dust, and odours to encourage better air quality on site?

·         How long is your installation guaranteed for?

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