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Your home is an extension of you and so is your flooring. Your flooring says a lot about your personality and lifestyle choices. The type of flooring used, the color, shapes, geometry etc. can lend perspective on your aesthetics and sensibilities. When you’re in need of some flooring solutions, then the person you get in touch with is a flooring specialist. 

What does a flooring specialist do?

Flooring specialists measure, cut and spot different sorts of flooring surfaces for their clients. They work with overlay, marble, tile, laminate, linoleum, carpet, and various other types of floor coverings. Floorers are commonly in charge of securely expelling old ground surface, laying and leveling sub-floors, and putting in new floors as per the structured and approved design plan. These experts frequently work in tandem with building contractors or they work as self-employed individuals, and many are independently employed. This activity can be physically taxing, and safety must be kept in mind because floorers can often get wounded or injured during the floor laying process. 

What does your flooring say about you?

Your floor can speak a thousand words about your personality. If you’ve chosen or are planning to revamp your flooring with one of these materials, then take a look at the kind of aura it creates about you.


Your cover flooring says that you’re constantly buzzing with activity, with many individuals traversing through your home, and coming over to spend time with you. This could be from plenty of vivacious relatives, companions flying over or just you going around. You need something a la mode, yet down to earth that is durable and simple to keep clean. Ideal for families, pet owners and outgoing people who indulge in a ton of engaging activities.

—Solid wood

You cherish the better things in life and admire things that are classic and vintage. Your strong wood flooring mirrors the aspect of your identity that isn't ready to make do with seconds or something that’s second best– when you need the best, you get it for yourself. Your decision of having a wooden surface demonstrates that you're very house oriented, you’re a homebody, you keep a close check on everything that completes your home, and you take incredible pride in showing it off to its maximum capacity. It would not shock others to know that your greenhouse looks flawless also, as you need things to look ideal both inside and outside.

—Engineered wood

You’re a down-to-earth and astute problem solver! You need the excellence of a strong wood floor, and that comes with several advantages, like being very versatile, immune to dampness and warmth. So an expansive wood floor is the perfect thing for you. You recognize what gains there are to be made in smart trade offs, so joining the magnificence and completion of a strong wood floor, with the reasonableness of laminate flooring implies that everybody wins in your home.


Customary, hospitable, affectionate, yet smart are the words by which individuals would portray you and your home. You like small home comforts, and you don’t shy away from pursuing new adventures and challenges. Carpets may have been the standard once in each room of the house, however at this point fortunately you can pick and choose where you wish to have them.

—Artificial grass

You're usually the party starter, who gets the ball rolling. You’re the life of the party and know how to set the right mood for everything! You cherish engaging with other people, and hosting friends over for social gatherings. You're constantly on the move, and live an action-packed lifestyle, with you traveling a lot throughout the year. You don’t have sufficient energy to stress over yard care, so artificial grass is the ideal expansion to your open air engaging space. Get the BBQ lit, invite your companions and get the party started! 


You need something that you can rely on, and which is a practical solution for you. This is why vinyl is the ideal decision for kitchens, restrooms, or on the off chance that you have pets that need tidying up after. Look over a wide scope of hues and completes so it mixes with the remainder of your home style. (Read more: 10 incredible floors that imitate wood)

So, what’s your floor personality? Are you a person who’s into marble, do you like a turf filled with artificial grass, or the charm of a solid wood floor? We’ve also got a host of different floor laying options that you can check out on our website. Go through a selection of different flooring options that you can try out in your new home or existing one to give it a new lease of life. 

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