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Floorers in Polokwane

Found within the Capricorn district of the province of Limpopo, is the city of Polokwane, also known as the ‘Place of Safety’ in the native language of northern Sotho. This is the city that was formerly called Pietersburg and is home to just over 130 000 residents. This vibrant city has much to offer, from the main tourist attractions of wildlife sightseeing and game drives, to the local residents attractions  like shopping malls, night and day entertainment and much more. There is another attraction that is bringing business to this city and its surrounding areas, that is farming and agricultural opportunities for the local economy to grow, this is due to the the high-veld like vegetation, heat, and overall weather. 

The Floorer’s Job

A floorer is also known as a floor layer, and these are skilled technicians and contractors who have trained in their field to deliver their clients the best possible floors. There are endless technical procedures that involve complicated mathematics, precise measurements and great concentration for long periods of time. Floor layers apply and/or install blocks, strips, sheets, or a particular type of flooring material that has been identified by the customer at hand. 

Great Ideas for Floors

Floors can be so much more than just something you stand on everyday, but it can be practical, stylish, decorative and last a lifetime. When deciding what floors you want in your home, you must consider a lot of things like what room is it in? And what do you use that room for most of the time? Can I put a carpet on this floor? Do these floors warm up the room or cool it down? Now we will take a look at different flooring options and in which rooms they would work well. 

  • Painted Floors 

Painted concrete floors is one very clever idea as a way to get creative and paint those tile patterns you’ve always wanted, or to save some money on expensive floor tiles. Painted floors gives a once empty concrete room a certain flair. Paint gives you a variety of options and opportunities for creativity in a space and there are a number staining options as well as stencils that can be used. Not to mention that paint can even be a more cost-effective alternative to an expensive rug. There is also the option of painting a wooden floor with the same ideas as that of a concrete one. 

  • Tiling Options 

A great and timeless flooring option are tiles. Tiles have become so unique and vastly different that there are so many options, and we are gonna look for some of the best choices for your home. Tiles can be put in any room of the house from the bathroom, to the large kitchen and even in the bedroom. The options that are well documented as the best are ceramic tiles, which could be a range that consists of slate designed tiles, terracotta tiles, stone tiles that have a marble and even a quartz look for that touch of elegance. 

This is also a classic flooring option for all homes and in every room in the house, including the bathroom, believe it or not. Some favourites for wooden floors are Brazilian cherry wood that is very exotic and sought after. The second favourite natural wood is the Tigerwood which is a very dramatic wood that is for a luxurious room or home entirely. Thirdly, the Australian cypress wood is rustic looking and gives the look and feel of a cabin in the woods, but can be very soft in an indoor situation. 

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