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Floorers in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and considered one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world. Affectionately known as ‘Jozi’ and/or ‘Jo'burg’ by locals, Johannesburg is commonly interpreted as the modern-day version of El Dorado (the city of gold), due to it being established in 1886 after the discovery of gold in the area.

For modern-day home buyers living in Johannesburg, particularly families, secure estate living is very appealing, especially when it comes with added-value benefits like outdoor, sports and leisure activities. Even though secure estates with golf courses remain fashionable for those who can afford it, more and more property purchasers are looking towards estates offering additional amenities and facilities such as cycling and jogging tracks, play areas for children, and even crèches and schools.

What does a floorer do?

A floorer is responsible for installing different types of flooring and floor coverings for buildings in a variety of industries, such as residential houses and commercial buildings (i.e. offices). Floorers are not restricted to working with just one type of flooring material, as carpeting, vinyl, tile, wood, and numerous other options are available, depending on the client and project.

When one considers the fact that flooring can be very ornate and help to enhance the look and feel of a space, the work accomplished by a floorer becomes that much more creative and important.

Where do floorers work?

A floorer can work on new construction projects requiring new flooring surfaces that need to be implemented during the building’s construction phase. On these projects, the floorer is held responsible for installing the correct flooring system as per the approved plans, designs and specifications.

Floorers can also be hired to work on existing buildings that require the removal of old / damaged flooring surfaces.

A flooring specialist can also be asked to complete a project that requires a single room undergoing a floor makeover, such as a new bathroom receiving new tile floors.

What are the working conditions of floorers?

Similar to many other professionals in the construction industry (like architects), there can be peak periods that will require a floorer to work overtime, depending on a project’s timeline. The amount of hours that a floorer will be asked to work overtime will depend on the construction sector and region they work in, and can vary considerably from one job to another. It’s not uncommon for a floorer to work occasional nights, such as renovating office floors or other public buildings that are occupied during the day, for example.

A floorer will work mostly indoors, and is usually assisted by a team of other workers. It is a physically demanding job which can often involve lifting heavy materials and kneeling for prolonged periods of time.

Similar to all careers in the construction / architecture industry, safety is a top concern for floorers. That is why they are trained to work safely and take necessary precautions to protect not only themselves against injury while working, but to also ensure that their work (the floor surfaces) is safe and practical for clients.

Why you need to hire a professional floorer

·         They have top-notch equipment: How many people have the right equipment to install professional hardwood flooring in their homes? Since it will require renting or purchasing tools that might not be used again afterwards, it just makes sense to call in a professional with the right tools (and skills, and experience) to do the job the right way.

·         They ensure top-quality installation: In terms of safety and practicality, you want a flooring surface that is of the utmost quality. Enter floorers, who have unrivalled expertise and training to complete a flooring project the right way and in a timely manner.

·         They provide expert advice: Thanks to their training and experience in the industry, floorers have the vital knowledge in order to provide faultless flooring installation and refinishing services. They are trained to know the various types of flooring materials, which areas these would work best for, how to properly care for each one, how they can enhance a room or property, etc. By employing a professional floorer, you are assured of first-rate advice, and that you will be getting the accurate, expert, and reliable flooring surface you need and pay for.

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