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Floorers in Durban

Durban is one of the largest cities and metropolitan in South Africa. This grand city is located on the east coast of the province of KwaZulu Natal. This tropical city is well-known for its exotic food, exciting night-life, a thick history of the Kingdom of the Zulu's shown in the King Shaka International Airport and uShaka Marine World water theme park. But the most famous attraction that brings tourists from all over the country and the world over are for the beaches and lovely warm Indian Ocean. Some of Durban’s most wonderful areas and its surrounding areas as well, such as Durban Central, La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks, Durban Beachfront which is one of the most popular attractions on offer. 

What is a floor layer?

You might be asking yourself, why do we need to define what the floorer does? But indeed we must define it as there is a lot more technical procedures to consider when laying down certain flooring materials. Floor layers must be skilled in the measuring and calculations of angles on a floor. This requires training in the areas of Mathematics and Geometry, to say the least. Floor layers install or apply blocks, strips, or sheets of a particular type of flooring chosen by the customer. The flooring can be floors that absorb shock from extreme pressure, there are soundproof floors that allow the owner to walk silently on them without being heard throughout the house. And the floors might just be your standard order of floors that are installed for the simple reason that they look good. 

Common types of floors

There are many different types of flooring options available for homeowners in Durban. The weather and humidity in the province and especially in Durban allows for a variety of options on your floors. So the types of floors we will be discussing are laminate flooring, stone flooring, tile flooring, and of course wood flooring. 

Laminate flooring

This is a great material to consider if the rest of your renovations took up too much of your budget and you are looking for a simple, classy, and trendy style floor that is easy to clean. There are many colours to choose from in this style of flooring, to name a few there are wide selections of greys, light and dark browns, as well as soft pinks and greens that all have that natural woody pattern. 

➣Stone flooring

This is a great option for a beachfront or home located in the tropical weather as it serves as more than just stunning flooring, but it acts as a cooling mechanism for a hot and sticky house. The stone flooring is a great addition to a large floor plan in a spacious house, as it gives the home a marble look and feel, which could be both a good and  a bad thing. Too much of the marble look may appear as a mausoleum, which is not what any homeowner wants to experience when living in a house. 

Tile Flooring

If you want the elegant and very functional look and feel in your home, then definitely opt for some tiles. This is by far the most popular flooring material basically in the world because of its long standing reliability over the years. Tiles have been used for centuries now and there's no stopping the varieties that are now being offered. The tile as a flooring material is a great one to use in the Durban household, and the perfect thing is that tiles can be used in every single room in the house; the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms and even the family gathering rooms. 

Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring is always a popular and timeless choice for any home, especially in the Durban market. A wooden floor is known to last for decades in one home and can be installed in almost every room. Wooden floors have even started to be used in the bathroom now as a stunning tribute to a sauna that can be found in any good spa or gym. 

Floor dressings

Plain floors can sometimes be a bit of a bore throughout the entire house therefore we might start to consider some layering of textures and decorative features. This is what we call dressing a floor which can really change the whole look of the room and even make it more warm and inviting. Carpeting is the most stylish way to do so as you can actually see and feel the effect that it has on a particular room. Carpets may be placed anywhere in any room at all, although it is most accompanying in the bedroom, the family room and the dining room. There is nothing quite like a carpet and a stunning dining room table on top of it. (Read more: How to properly clean your carpet)

The second floor dressing that we just had to mention was underfloor heating. This may not be a dressing for the top part of the floor, but it sure does bring a room together, especially in the cold. This addition is also good for homes that are notoriously cold or cool all year round. This setting may also be set to a chilling alternative, as we are in Durban. Floors can be chilled to a temperature just below room temperature or to your liking which would be perfect after a trip to the sunny beach. 

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