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Within this great country of South Africa, there are many different preferences and desired tastes of its residents. As time went on, the homes, tastes and trendy features that people want in their homes has changed, been altered, and even old trends that were once fashionable, will begin to come back. There are many factors that would determine the flooring and the overall style that a house was once built to resemble. So there are a few styles of homes that are found in South Africa for many reasons. 

Typical styles of homes

The variations of the styles of homes that are found in South Africa might have come about for many reasons. They could have been introduced to the country when settlers from all around the world came to the country, for example the Cape Dutch style home. This type of house style is normally found in the Western Cape where the Dutch settlers landed. 

The second reason could be from the early settlers that originated from Northern Africa, who came to this part of Africa, for example the round hut style with a thatch roof design. This African home started off as a simple dwelling but now there are many modernised homes that have its architectural layering from the original hut’s round shape and its thatch roof. 

The third type of home would be the colonial home. This came when the English came to South Africa, and this style has now been modernised to suit the homeowners tastes. Finally, we also have a style that seems to be adopted more and more in the country, the European style home. This is a sleek design made with materials such as concrete, tiling, wooden slates and a lot of metal components. (Read more: 4 of South Africa’s most popular house design styles)

5 Common types of flooring

Now that we’ve looked at a few of the different styles of houses in South Africa, we can take a look at the different styles of floors that these homes might have. The first kind of flooring that very worthy of mentioning, is cork flooring. These came about in the late 1980’s as a stylish type of flooring. Cork floors are made by peeling off the bark while saving the tree. They are mainly used in insulating the home and making it almost sound proof. Because cork is a natural material, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable and are also resistant against abrasion as well as being very easy to clean. 

The second kind of flooring that is commonly used in South African homes is laminate flooring. This is a clean, and affordable option for all these modern homes around the country, as laminate flooring is hardy and will show no signs of fading or stains for years to come. This type of fake wood is also not too heavily affected by water damage and moisture, and will require less care than authentic wood or stone flooring. Laminate flooring is especially easy to clean as all that is necessary is a good sweeping of dust and dirt, usually with a mop. (Read more: How to clean laminate floors)

The third type of flooring is linoleum flooring, which is a composite of cork wood dust, limestone, recycled wood flour, and linseed oil. All these ingredients and materials combined create a stunning environmentally friendly and safe choice when it comes to flooring options. These types of floors are made so tough against impacts or dents, and oils cannot affect linoleum flooring or damage it for that matter. A floor using this type of tile or flooring provides a smooth and comfortable feel. 

The fourth type of flooring used in many South African homes today is stone flooring. This is usually found in the more country style home. Because there are different kinds of stones, natural stone tiles also come in different types like limestone, clay, granite, pebble, sandstone, slate, travertine and onyx. These are also a great style addition to any home as they can withstand high temperatures and are suitable to be placed near sources of radiant heating like fireplaces, stoves, or furnaces. 

The final type of flooring we will discuss is the classic tiled floor. This can mean a number of things, This is probably the most used material for flooring in the country of South Africa. This might be because they come in so many types such as ceramic, porcelain, quarry, and mosaic. The installers will need grout correctly in order to lay all the tiles in a sequential fashion. The tiles can also be glazed to give a more glossy finish to any room they are in. Tiles can also be used in the most extreme of cold or heat, especially heat, as they can be used near fireplaces, furnaces, and stoves too. (Read more: 12 beautiful ideas using tiles for your home)

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