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13 Electricians in Soweto

Electricians in Soweto

Soweto is one of Gauteng’s largest townships and its location boarders the heart of the mining region. The township is steep in history and the region as a whole, is one of South Africa’s popular destinations for investment and trading. Electricians in Soweto specialise in working with the commercial and private industries. Thus, you’re able to hire their expertise for your house needs too.  

What does an electrician do?

An electrician has a very technical job and to a degree, a very dangerous one too, especially when dealing with high voltages. Their main tasks are to install, connect, and test the main electrical sources and systems. These electrical systems can include those in automobiles, houses, apartment blocks, machinery controls, lighting installations and security systems. Elections cater for residential and commercial sectors, which means you can have safety and peace of mind.

What types of Electricians are there?

There are many different types of electricians in Soweto some include the following:

  1. Domestic electricians: Domestic electricians are readily available and the most common type in the trade. He/She will work on the electrical factors (large and small scale within the home).
  2. Installation electrician: An installation electrician specialises in installations that include lighting, security, fire protection systems (smoke alarms), and power.
  3. Maintenance electrician: This is similar to domestic electricians; however, a maintenance electrician will see to the upkeep of electrical parts. These can include but are not limited to property electrical maintenance, machinery maintenance (electric circuitry).
  4. Instrumentation electrician: Instrumentation electricians look for faults, run tests and repair building electrical controls.

In some cases, even though some electricians prefer to specialise in one area of their career, there are many who are versed in many of the other electrical skills.

  1. Electrical panel builder: These electricians build special panel controls that are able to control refrigerators, heating systems, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. The controls they build for these systems work with special technology and are often automated.
  2. Highway electrical systems electricians: These professional electricians often work onsite, alongside construction. They are responsible to ensure that traffic lights, and other electrically operated road signs and signals are maintained and in constant working order.

What are the benefits of hiring electricians in your region?

There are numerous benefits to hiring an electrician in Soweto, they include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electricians not only provide safety for the people who will use the facilities and property aspects but also safety whilst on the job.
  • The job will be correct and complete because electricians are experienced and well trained in this career. 
  • DIY jobs can often lead to more expenses if the job isn’t done properly, than having hired an electrician from the beginning.
  • Electricians are able to troubleshoot any problems and fix them.

Qualified electricians are usually registered with an official body such as the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa. That said, you could have the peace of mind to know that these professionals are not only experienced but also qualified. This is crucial because when it comes to electricity, lots can go wrong including fires and other hazardous horrors.

What to look for and ask when hiring a reputable electrician in Soweto

  • They should have a wireman’s license
  • They should have a DOL Registration certificate
  • Does the electrician have an official license to trade?
  • For how long have they been in electrical and do they have references?
  • Is there a work insurance or warranty on their work once completed?
  • Does the electrician have any specific training or qualify in a special part of the industry?
  • Who is going to do the work? Consider if they have other labourers or will they be doing the work themselves?
  • What will everything cost (estimated)
  • Are there any of the previous works that can be reviewed?

Electricians should pass a NTC 3 test, which qualifies him/her for a trade test. Then to be a qualified electrician and get their license, they must also pass an exam on Electrical Installation Regulations. Qualified electricians can be searched for in the SAQA (South African Qualifications Database) National Learner Data Base.

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