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Electricians in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth (often shortened to PE) is one of South Africa’s major cities and tourist destinations. Located in the Eastern Cape Province, the city is about 770 km east of Cape Town and 1000 km south of Johannesburg. Port Elizabeth stretches for approximately 16 km along Algoa Bay, and is one of the country’s major seaports.

PE’s desirable coastal lifestyle and affordable property prices are quite appealing to young Eastern Cape families searching for their forever homes. The region’s coastline housing market (many of which are within 500 m of a beach) are continuing to outperform non-coastal markets such as Pretoria or Bloemfontein. In recent years, both Port Elizabeth and East London have been attracting younger buyers, with the majority of new homeowners either between 36—49 years old or under 35 years.

The average estimated value of a house in PE is about R1 million, and slightly lower for apartments at R660 000.

What do Electricians do?

Thanks to electricity, we literally have the power to use the Internet, watch television, and use our kitchen appliances, amongst other things. And we all know that life without electricity would be so much less convenient.

Fortunately, we have skilled Electricians to be thankful for, since they can help to restore power and get us back on track in case of the occasional cable glitch. But the job of an Electrician stretches much further than that. In between power outages, Electricians are also constantly working on various other jobs (with numerous other professionals like Architects and Builders) like rewiring equipment, inspecting components to ensure they are safe, and installing wiring and lighting.

From helping to build a home to installing commercial and industrial circuit boards, there is definitely plenty to keep an Electrician busy all day.  

What are an Electrician’s general duties?

An Electrician can busy himself with the following:

  • Reading and interpreting electrical, mechanical, and architectural drawings, specifications, and applicable codes to figure out the correct layouts of wires;
  • Cutting, threading, bending, assembling, and installing conduits and other types of electrical conductor enclosures and fittings;
  • Positioning, maintaining, and installing distribution and control equipment like switches, circuit breaker panels, and many others;
  • Installing data cabling;
  • Cutting, joining, and connecting wires to form circuits;
  • Testing circuits to ensure they are working correctly and safely;
  • Installing and maintaining fibre optic systems;
  • Installing, replacing, maintaining, and/or repairing electrical generation sources and related equipment; etc.

10 reasons why you should always hire a professional Electrician

1.    It’s safer: Electricity is dangerous, but especially for those who have no idea what they’re doing. Make sure you have a professional in charge of those wires and volts to avoid tragedy.

2.    It can stop future problems: Trying out your DIY skills with electrical cables might not lead to an accident now, but it could definitely result in a fire hazard later on if the job is done incorrectly. An electrical problem could lead to shocks, fires, and other dangers if you don’t have the proper training and skills.

3.    They are educated: That professional Electrician you should hire has years of training behind her/her name, in addition to hands-on experience – another vital requirement for any job relating to electricity. Be sure to check the background of an Electrician before hiring them – they need to be licensed, bonded, and insured before they start any work on your property.

4.    They know how to do the job: Who wants to spend time and money on a job just to find out that both have been wasted? With a professional Electrician, you know the problem will be sorted right from the start.

5.    Troubleshooting: Even though you may think that you know what the problem is, a professional Electrician will always be better qualified to diagnose the issue. Remember that experience also plays a big role when it comes to professionals, as the Electrician might have picked up the same problem in an earlier job and, thus, have the right solution.

6.    It saves you money: Making a mistake when working with wires can lead to severe mistakes, costing you much more than you originally thought.

7.    It cancels out stress: Wiring your home may sound like an easy task, but wiring forms part of a much larger interdependent network. Making a mistake in one spot may cause much bigger issues in other circuits, leading to more expenses and wasted time.

8.    It protects your devices: Poorly designed circuits can damage your appliance motors and/or electronics. Better trust a professional to take care of the wiring to ensure you sidestep unexpected issues.

9.    They come with guarantees: An Electrician’s work is usually guaranteed by the company that employs them. Therefore, if you experience another problem later on, many of them will easily send out another professional to re-inspect the issue (sometimes even for free).

10.  You get insurance: Electricians are certified professionals that had to pass tests in order to do their jobs. By hiring one, you are leaving important work in the hands of someone who is capable, licensed, insured, experienced, and skilled.

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