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Electricians in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city that is located just on the foothills of the Northern KwaZulu-Natal, right on the hinges of the world heritage site that is the Drakensberg Mountains. It is officially the third largest city that is found in the province of KwaZulu-Natal as it has a total population of just over 360 000 residents and inhabitants. These lucky few residents can look out of the windows and be in awe at the glorious mountainous landscape that they can call their backyard. There we can see the vast Drakensberg array which consists of Giants Castle, Champagne Castle and a few additions to the location, where one can experience their surroundings by going on informative and scenic hiking adventures, mountain climbing as well as mountain side tours that are available to the public. 

What Does an Electrician do?

An electrician is a trained and skilled technician who is usually called on to install, as well as to maintain all the electrical components and power systems for your home. They also install wiring within a building, house, or any space, whilst constantly improving and servicing the work that they have been doing. These professionals usually focus on either construction or maintenance, even though the majority of electricians can do both. Electricians specialise in maintenance, on going fixing of electrical systems that have been laid, along with performing repairs on electrical equipment. 

Simply put, an electrician provides services that will ensure that your home, office, or any building really is properly lighted throughout, that it is in its entirety wired and connected properly, and is done so safely to avoid disasters such as electrical fires or sometimes even water and electrical components clashing.  

Why You Need an Electrician

Electricians are needed for a number of reasons, for both industrial and smaller in-house jobs and projects. You would normally bring in or hire an electrician at the beginning of a construction job so that initial plans can be created and developed long before the walls go up. The electrician must work hand in hand with the other important contractors such as the architects, the labourers or construction workers and especially with the plumbers. When the electricians are installing wiring, they will obviously use hand tools, like conduit benders, screwdrivers, knives, hacksaws, and wire strippers, which all need to be used by someone with great experience to make sure that every task is done safely and with the best quality too. 

What an Electrician Costs

Electricians do not just have one method of charging their clients for their services. A very common method that is most likely to be used is to charge by the hour. That can start anywhere from R350 and higher, with additional fees that they may acquire from the extra parts they might need, the cost of labour for those really complex or heavy duty jobs, as well as a callout charge that must pay for the time spent to get there and the transport costs involved too. All together in terms of the cost, an electrician can charge a large variation of prices and fees for their services starting somewhere around R350 to R1000 per session. 

Where Electricians Shine

➣Underwater Pool Lights

This is a popular choice for those homeowners that have a pool. Underwater lights can definitely not be installed by a non professional, as this is a dangerous task to complete on one’s own. These lights come in a variety of colours and with the advancement in lighting of late, the lights even come in colour changing settings. At a touch of a button, your pool can be pink, red, bright blue, a gorgeous yellow colour or even just plain LED lights that are a safe way to enjoy a night swim. 

➣Outdoor Lapa Lights

This is a great addition to a home with a large garden where there will be great space for an outdoor lapa. A lapa is a lovely space for a covered braai, a fully functional kitchen equipped with a fridge, and something extra, there could be bathroom facilities that could be used after swimming and gardening. Lapa lights need to have proper insulation in order to keep water and moisture out that can severely damage your lights and the entire electrical scheme of your house and your lapa. 

➣Indoor Lighting

This is the part of the house that electricians can be called in for on a daily basis. The electrician needs to know about all the different types of lights that can be used in a home There are lights in the kitchen that require special servicing, bathroom lighting has a particular style of lighting and finally the bedroom, hallway, and family gathering rooms has very similar lighting that can all be taken care of in the same breath. 

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