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Do you need a certificate of compliance (C.O.C) for you to be able to sell your house, or for you to qualify for insurance

Electricians in Cape Town

Located in the province of the Western Cape of South Africa, the city of Cape Town is one of the largest cities that are business ad tourist hubs in the country. Cape Town has long been a mixing pot of cultures, traditions, foods, fashion and art. The city may have such wonderful sites to enjoy, but they also have a great residential plan that allows those living there to enjoy the aesthetic that is classically Capetonian. With a house comes many technical and beautifully decorative features, one that we will be focusing on in this article is the electrical work that goes into a home and what a professional electrician can do for their clients, what they are skilled in, as well as what an electrician can charge for their services. 

What do Electricians do?

Electricians install and maintain all of the electrical and power systems in homes everywhere. These professionals also install and maintain wiring in a house or building and control equipment too, but an electrician will usually focus their attention on either construction or maintenance, even though the majority of electricians are armed to do both. Electricians are acting professionals who are specialising in maintenance, consecutive fixing of electrical elements, and upgrading the existing electrical systems that a house or any building has, and not forgetting performing repairs on electrical equipment. In simple terms, an electrician provides services that will ensure that a house or a building is proficiently lighted, and that all electrical components are connected correctly and safely. 

Why you Should Hire an Electrician

The best answer to this question is ‘because you need one’. Electrical work, real complex, intricate electrical work is very difficult to figure out on your own, and that should never be done anyway. Electricians must work hand in hand with all the other maintenance and designers in order for the entire space to flow, be coordinated and most of all to compliment one another in giving the client what they want. Another important thing to remember is that electricians, they know tools like the back of their own hand. They use tools like conduit benders, screwdrivers, knives, hacksaws, and wire strippers, which all need to be used by skilled and experienced technicians in order to be used safely and accurately. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Electrician?

This is not an easy question to answer as the electrician must charge for their services according to the actual work they did and what parts they needed for that job. An electrician that does not have a particular specialty will make just over R 200 000 a month that encompasses even the call out fees for the particular job. This could mean that any electrician anywhere could charge anywhere between R 90 to R 350 per hour that they are on the job. This price excludes the added on costs of special parts and tools that might be needed for a complex job. 

What an Electrician can help you with

Besides the usual maintenance and servicing jobs that an electrician would usually do, there are some really cool elements that these professionals can help a homeowner with in order to achieve the most wonderful decor and lighting features. Now an electrician would need to be involved almost 100 percent in the installation and placement of these features in order for them to be as safe and of high quality as possible. 

  • Kitchen Lighting 

We all need to see what we’re cooking and more importantly what we’re eating. The lighting in the kitchen is a great way to showcase it’s fantastic features such as the stunning granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and the open plan tiled floors and lovely natural sunlight from the bay windows. Electricians can help you install all the above mentioned, especially the lighting obviously. 

This is the pinnacle point of the room; the chandelier. In a room such as this one, a family gathering space needs a centerpiece that can tie the room together, hence an eye catching chandelier. Chandeliers need to be installed in such a professional way due to its daintiness, need for symmetry, and not forgetting for safety reasons. There are many different types of chandeliers that one can choose from depending on the particular tastes of the client. 

Now an electrician would need to be involved almost 100 percent in the installation and placement of these features in order for them to be as safe and of high quality as possible.