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Carpenters in Tembisa

Tembisa is a large township in the north of Kempton Park, situated on the East Rand of South Africa’s Gauteng province. The township was founded in 1957 and its name is derived from the Nguni word “Thembisa” meaning promise and hope.

In terms of a 2011 census, Tembisa was regarded as the second largest township in the country (with 463 109 residents), following Soweto (with its then 1 271 628 citizens).

In addition to taxis, Metrorail takes care of a lot of Tembisa’s residents who need to get about, as it operates the commuter trains between Tembisa and central Johannesburg, which is about 40 km (45 min) away.

In terms of properties, the average estimated value of a house in Tembisa is about R450 000, even though the final price will depend on location, size, quality of finishes, etc. Two-bedroom abodes make up the majority of listed properties in Tembisa, with at least 61 being listed by property24 in March 2019. This was followed by 42 three-bedroom houses for the same time period.

What does a Carpenter do?

The offices, industrial buildings, residential houses, and commercial establishments we see around us would not have been possible without the skills and expertise of Carpenters. Like Architects, Carpenters play a vital role when it comes to designing, building, and repairing these structures, yet they also focus on the smaller details such as door frames, stairways, and rafters.

In their day-to-day role, Carpenters may use a variety of different hand- and power tools to help them cut and shape wood, plastic, fibreglass, or drywall. Squares, levels, chisels, sanders, circular saws, nail guns and welding machines are just some of the equipment used by a Carpenter.

A Carpenter uses nails, screws, staples, and adhesives for fastening materials together. And professionals will always do a quality control check before handing the project over to the client, to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Are there different types of Carpenters?

Carpenters can usually be grouped up into three distinct categories:

·         Residential Carpenters generally specialise in new-home, townhouse, apartment, and condominium building and remodelling. For a single project, they might busy themselves with building and setting forms for footings, walls and slabs, as well as ensure exterior surfaces like walls, roofs and decks are up to standard. These Carpenters can also frame interior walls, build staircases, and install drywall, crown moulding and cabinets. And they can easily switch from a new-house project to a renovation.

·         Commercial Carpenters are usually involved with building commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, universities, and schools. Some of them may specialise in light-gauge and load-bearing steel framing for interior partitions, while others are more preoccupied with concrete-forming systems, interior and exterior walls, and ceilings. The majority of tasks performed by Residential Carpenters are also shared by Commercial Carpenters.

·         Industrial Carpenters normally work in civil- and industrial settings to build scaffolding and create and set forms for pouring concrete. Some of them may specialise in building tunnel bracing or partitions in underground passageways and mines, which help to control the circulation of air to worksites. Others stick to building concrete forms for tunnels, dams, bridges, power plants, or even projects for sewer construction.

Questions for your Carpenter (before they start working for you)

1.  Do you have a portfolio?

It is imperative to see some of the Carpenters’ previous work to help you decide if they’re the right professional for your project. Not only will it give you an idea of the quality of their work, but might also ensure some inspiration for your own bespoke furniture design project. Fortunately, homify always ensures a vast collection of professionals’ portfolios to help you get a sense of their style, eye for detail, and areas of speciality.

2.  What is included in your services?

The best type of carpentry team is the one who can manage your project from start to finish. For optimum results, you require a Carpenter who can listen to your vision while also adding his/her own recommendations (they are the professional, after all). By working closely with you from day one of your project, a Carpenter can assess exactly what it is you want and need, whether it’s new kitchen cabinetry, a new staircase, or a renovated room in your existing house. Always ensure that all of the Carpenter’s services are detailed on the quote / contract, and that no hidden fees will show up when it’s time to pay.

3.  When do we start on my project?

Never assume that you’re the Carpenter’s only client. Their time schedule might be totally different from yours.

4.  What materials do you recommend for my project?

Your choice of materials will definitely have an impact on the final costs of your project. Always ask the professional which materials (and finishes) they recommend for your project, but keep in mind not to go overboard with your budget. It is always helpful to provide the professional with some ideas / images about the look and type of style you envision for your project, whether it’s bespoke furniture or additional storage compartments. In turn, they should be able to present you with some samples, allowing you to check against other colours, textures and patterns in the room to see if it’s a match.

5.  Can you work with weirdly shaped rooms?

The answer must always be “yes”. Not all rooms are perfectly square, and a Carpenter who can accommodate awkward, hard-to-reach spaces, sloping ceilings and other quirks related to architecture is the one who will build up a more expansive client list and portfolio.

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