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Carpenters in Pietermaritzburg

This city is located in the South African province of KwaZulu Natal, which is also not too far from the famous city of Durban. Pietermaritzburg is known as the ‘City of Flowers’ namely being their many azaleas and roses, as the city is home to one of the most stunning National Botanical Gardens. This buzzing city has many industrial manufacturers that manufacture items such as furniture, footwear to aluminium and have the perfect direct railway, trucking, and highway connections to the shipping hub in Durban. 

Now onto the reason for this article, the  skills and available carpenters that are found in Pietermaritzburg. In order to examine the carpenters in this city, we must look at some examples of a Pietermaritzburg home that has some great elements that are created by professional carpenters. Because of this city’s rich colonial history, most of the original buildings that were built when it was founded are still in place, are being well restored, and they all contained the glorious material of wood. The material can be mainly found in the patio or porch area which is supported by stunning thick wooden archways that were all hand carved. This is just a taste of the original architecture of the old colonial Pietermaritzburg. 

What do Carpenters do

The job description of a carpenter is not the most standard of descriptions, as the carpenter holds many positions and is able to complete many tasks. Typically, a carpenter can follow blueprints and building plans in order to meet the needs of the client. They are also able to and help with install structures and fixtures, like windows and the moulding in any given room. 

They are especially skilled in measuring, cutting and/or shaping wood, plastic, and other materials for construction projects. The list continues, as a carpenter can construct building frameworks, including walls, floors, and doorframes that are super important to the construction of any and every building. These are the job descriptions of the modern day carpenter who has acquired all these skills over time, which is not totally like the carpenter we came to know in old stories who mainly worked on wooden items such as furniture and doors. 

Why you need a Carpenter

Because a carpenter has all the skills that anyone looking to do some construction work will absolutely need, a carpenter is very useful. Besides the above mentioned skills, the carpenter is also knowledgeable in helping to erect, levelling, and installing the building framework with the aid of rigging hardware and cranes. The carpenter is also skilled in inspecting and replacing damaged framework or other structures and fixtures, as well as to instruct and direct the labourers or construction workers. 

Common types of Carpenters

You might need a specific type of carpenter to do a particular job and there are different types of carpenters for that exact reason. The three types of professional carpenters are residential, commercial, and industrial. 

1.  Residential: The residential carpenter focuses on the new-homes, townhouses, complex buildings and of course in remodelling. At any point in the project that they were hired for, the carpenter might build and have the final say on footings, walls, and concrete or wooden slabs, and frame and finish the exterior walls, roofs, and decks. 

2. Commercial: The second type of professional carpenter that would be such a great addition to your renovations, is a commercial one. These carpenters typically specialise in remodelling and assisting in the building of commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and even shopping malls. Some of these carpenters specialize in working with light-gauge and load-bearing steel framing for interiors and exteriors as well as curtain wall construction. 

3.  Industrial: The final type of professional carpenter is the industrial carpenter. These are carpenters who focus on the more civil and industrial settings, where they will build scaffolding and creating the foundation by pouring concrete. Some industrial carpenters even build tunnel bracing underground passageways. Besides these buildings and industrial structures, the industrial carpenter also helps in the construction of tunnels, bridges, dams, power plants and even sewer construction projects. 

Whether it is a specific type of carpenter you need, or just some simple reconstruction done within your home, homify can help you find the perfect carpenter for any job or project, with our long and exclusive list of professional carpenters and their firms that have other services on offer. 

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