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Carpenters in Newcastle

Newcastle South Africa, located in KwaZulu-Natal, is home to over 56,000 people and is the third largest city in the province. It offers a great opportunity for investors for property, business, and work. Many carpenters in Newcastle run their own businesses, while some work on large governmental and commercial projects.

Why is it better to hire a carpenter than to do DIY work?

When it comes to woodwork, it takes more than simply a few tools and a plan to execute perfection. Carpenters in Newcastle are not only experienced and skilled in their work, but also provide a variety of benefits that come with their niche. You can hire a carpenter to help you with your house or your commercial property.

The benefits of hiring carpenters include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Safety is priority

Safety is highly important whether you have a family with young children, elderly folks or adults. Skilled carpenters ensure safety and a project well done in the end.

2.  Time efficient

Because they deal with this type of work throughout their career, they work faster, yet more neat and efficient. Deadlines are another factor that skilled carpenters understand and thus work accordingly even if it means to put in more hours in order to meet the set deadlines.

3.  Saves you money

While you may not have the connections needed to “score” a good deal, your trusted carpenter does. They can help you keep within your budget and use their connections/suppliers to source quality materials. (Read more: The cost of building a small house in South Africa)

The disadvantages of DIY carpentry

  • You could catch a splinter: Nobody like splinters but this comes with the territory of carpentry and if you’re not used to working with your hands this can be a painful and annoying experience.
  • Time consuming: For the untrained eye and inexperienced person, attempting to finish carpentry project of a large-scale can pose to be extremely time-consuming.
  • Tools may be a struggle: Because you may not be experienced with using the special tools, it may be difficult to get “the hang” of it.
  • You can’t put a warranty on your DIY job: When you hire a carpenter, you get some form of a warranty that ensures their workmanship for a period of time.
  • Not the same quality: You may not be able to differentiate what the best quality materials to use could be.

What qualifications do carpenters have?

Carpentry includes a great about of creativity and the ability to work physically with your hands. However, apart from creative and physical technical aspects, they also have qualifications. A qualified carpenter will have basic training regarding the following:

  • Manage/execute basic carpentry projects
  • Finish walls and ceilings
  • Add shelves
  • Add cabinets
  • Choose countertops
  • Frame and install windows
  • Extend and remove walls
  • Read and interpret blueprint drawings
  • Apply health and safety regulation

If you are interested in carpentry, there are some learning institutes that offer a variety of carpentry NQF levels. For example, knowledge modules that include NQF3 and 4 with a total of 72 credits on certain subjects that include:

  • Health, safety, quality, legislation
  • Partition
  • Roofing
  • Applied science
  • Industry context
  • Tools and materials
  • Framework and cutting
  • Carpentry finishing

Practical skills with NQF3 and 4 and a total of 108 credits:

  • Set work area
  • Cut according to measurements
  • Installing structures 
  • Fabricate erect and strip material
  • Prepare structures, trusses, roofs, panels
  • Roof cladding

The courses are approved according to the requirements of South African Master Builders Association.

Many carpenters often progress in their careers and some become bricklayers, supervisors (foremen), building insulation installers, and carpentry trainers or educators. It’s a lucrative career that offers many prospective and opportunity for growth and to branch into other sector or specialise in specific types of carpentry.

homify is a great place to source for qualified and experienced carpenters in your region. You can also ask your friends and family for referrals and recommendations to give you the peace of mind that you need to decide which carpenter will do.

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