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Almacén de Carpintería Gómez
Con un equipo altamente especializado, un sistema operativo propio y una infraestructura suficientemente amplia , Carpintería
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Solución en Carpinteria
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Carpenters in Kimberley

Kimberley, the capital and largest city of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, is located about 480 km south-west of Johannesburg. The city is set in a generally flat landscape with no major topographic features within the urban limits. The only “hills” are because of debris dumps resulting from the area’s diamond mining which have lasted for over 100 years.

As per March 2019, the average price of properties in Kimberley is R2 182 962. Houses far outnumber the amount of available estates and apartments listed in Kimberly, with about 19 695 houses compared to 1 007 estates and 676 apartments listed in March 2019, as per property24.

Three-bedroom properties form the majority of the available listings in Kimberly, with 925 available in March 2019 (followed by 463 four-bedroom abodes and 195 two-bedroom listings).

What does a Carpenter do?

A Carpenter is one of the many professionals working in the construction / design industry, alongside Architects, Electricians, Roofers, etc. A Carpenter fabricates, remodels, and repairs structures and frameworks by using wood and other materials.

Carpenters are also called upon to install drywall, windows and mouldings, build footings, rafters and doorways, and lay floors, decks and porches. When working with materials, they make use of a wealth of hand- and power tools to help cut and shape the materials for structural use.

A Carpenter can also create wood forms for scaffolding.

What are the advantages of using a professional Carpenter?

Although many people relish the opportunity to try out their DIY skills, sometimes a job just requires a specialist with the relevant skills and experience. So, the next time you are wondering why you should hire a professional Carpenter instead of picking up those hammers and nails yourself, see these advantages that come from working with a pro:

1.  They ensure effective results: In addition to providing you with a top-notch job, a professional Carpenter and his crew will always clean up after themselves.

2.  They save you time: Doing a DIY job can be incredibly time consuming. With a seasoned Carpenter in charge of your new kitchen cabinets (or staircase, or windows, or structural framework...), you have more time for your work, family and lifestyle.

3.  They cut costs: A professional Carpenter is able to work with a client’s budget (within reason, of course). This is partly due to them receiving everything they need for a project at trade prices, but also because they have been trained to complete a job in a timely manner and to only use what they need.

4.  They use the right tools: A Carpenter will undoubtedly have a wide variety of tools to ensure the best results for a project, which allows them to work much faster compared to someone attempting a DIY job.

5.  They have the experience: Even if you succeed at building those cabinets yourself, will it still be up to the high standards that you’ll get from a professional? Thanks to years of experience, professional Carpenters have picked up numerous tricks along the way to enhance their skills and quality of work.

Steps to hiring a reliable, professional Carpenter

1.  Get estimates: It is recommended to compile a shortlist of possible candidates for your carpentry project (at least three), and then invite them over to provide cost estimates. But to be sure they quote on exactly what you need, be sure to show them the location of the job, plus provide a detailed description of what you require. Aside from looking at their estimates and quotes, be sure to also listen to each one and see how they respond and suggest. And remember that a good price does not always equal a good job – for a complex job that requires permits or inspections, think twice about hiring the Carpenter with the cheapest quote.

2.  Check their work ethic: Pay attention to the vibe of the Carpenter and also how they communicate with you. Were they easy to reach via phone? Did they respond to emails? What was their general attitude towards the project (i.e. excited, indifference)? The answers to these questions can also indicate whether you can trust the Carpenter or should continue looking for the right one.

3.  See samples of past work: Always take a look at the candidate’s portfolio to get an idea of not only their commitment to quality, but also the type of style / design they specialise in (if any).

4.  Get references: Would you consider working with someone with a bad track record? The construction industry is only that big, which means if your potential Carpenter has a bad work ethic or doesn’t perform on the job, chances are someone’s noticed – and commented about it online. Aside from asking the candidate to provide references themselves (which will undoubtedly be all positive), do your own research and track down past clients, vendors, suppliers, and other professionals who have worked with him / her.

5.  Scrutinise that contract: Never let the professional commence a job without a signed agreement / contract in place. This should include:

  • Detailed cost (you don’t want hidden fees popping up anywhere)
  • Payment schedule
  • Start- and completion dates
  • A complete description of the work to be completed
  • A list of all the materials to be used.

In addition, also make sure that the Carpenter has liability insurance for work-related damages, workers compensation insurance for job-related injuries, plus a bond to protect you should the professional not meet the terms set out by the contract.