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Carpenters in Durban

The grand city of Durban is situated on the east coast of the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is the third largest city in the country of South Africa, well-known for many things namely being, exotic food, exciting night-life, the history, and especially for the sub-tropical weather. Durban has many exciting and interesting places to venture about within the many areas such as Durban Central, La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks, and Durban Beachfront. 

The typical Durban home is inclusive of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large driveway, usually a swimming pool and a front and back garden. Inside these houses, furniture, cabinets and cupboards are historically made from wood. Like in many homes, these features are found for many reasons such as furniture and wooden elements being passed down to family members, another reason is due to the weather in Durban, and finally, wooden furniture is stylishly versatile in many decorating environments. 

As many know, a carpenter is a skilled professional that designs, creates, develops and repairs wooden objects and structures. These wooden objects and structures are usually furniture, sometimes sculptures and even large objects that are made from wood such as a garden shed. 

What do carpenters do

A carpenter can do so much more than creating objects out of wood, they are knowledgeable in wooden flooring, wooden doors and their frames, as well as extravagant wooden stairways. Interestingly, there are different types of professional carpenters who are specialists in different fields of carpentry. The different types of carpenters are known as residential, commercial and industrial:

1.  Residential

The residential carpenter is an expert in all things that involve residential construction. These professionals usually work on tasks such as installing flooring in houses and buildings, window and door frames, interior trimming on walls, cabinetry design and installation as well as roofing and insulation. 

2.  Commercial

These carpenters specialize in working on buildings, homes that are traditionally larger than the average, and they are particularly skilled and knowledgeable on school buildings, churches, where they have to work with a variety of materials which do mainly include or involve wood. They are so skilled that they are often brought on to design bridges and tunnels. 

3.  Industrial

An industrial carpenter is a skilled carpenter that specialises in cutting, shaping or modelling and installing wooden and other versatile materials. This type of carpenter places heavy focus on the mathematical skills that need to be utilised such as measuring, calculating the length and width of installation, budgeting and estimating. 

Woodworking items that carpenters can make for you

Carpenters get asked to make a lot of things and are even tested when they are asked to make special or unique projects for the client. There are many popular items that carpenters are needed for on a day to day basis such as bed frames, bunk beds, coffee tables, door and window frames and outdoor decking. These projects are done on a daily basis and are made possible due to the advancement in carpentry technology. The technology in the form of carving and sanding machinery for simple or standard designs of wooden items, whereas more complex or complicated items are totally hand made by a specialist carpenter. 

1.  Shelving

This is a very popular carpentry task for the professionals, as it is needed in every home. Whether the shelves are being made in a book shelve or whether they are being built directly onto the walls or within a cabinet. 

2.  Cabinets

The cabinet is probably how carpentry began in the home. The cabinet can be placed in any room in the house for many uses and functions. In the kitchen, a cabinet is used to store crockery, like plates, bowls and cups. They are also used in the living room, in a chest or a stand-alone cabinet to store items such as table cloths, silverware and for general storage. 

3.  Doors & Door Frames

This is so important to the construction of any home or building. The frames that are created by carpenters make the home look and feel complete. No building is complete without a door. Both of which are designed, created and carved by the carpenter, who will carry out the tasks with specific requirements and needs for the client. 

4.  Furniture

A carpenter may only need to specialise in furniture making to be able to sustain his/her career as there is such a huge demand for hand crafted wooden furniture. Because wood is so flexible and versatile it can be used to make furniture for any room or area in the house. (Read more: 18 furniture items your carpenter can make for you)

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