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The large township of Tembisa is located just slightly north of Kempton Park in the East Rand of Johannesburg. The main surrounding areas include Alexandra, Edenvale, Germiston and Midrand. This is a densely populated township that holds over 450,000 inhabitants that travel to their places of work in the surrounding areas, which are business hubs in the East Rand.  

The average home in Tembisa is priced between R450,000 to R1,000,000 which could range between a single story, single garage home to a mini mansion style home with 3 or more bedrooms within. Many of these homes are relatively new, meaning that they are less than 25 years old and many of which are completely newly built due to the recent growing population of the township. That being said, the homes may also be unfinished and have been put up for sale in that state. This could mean that the house has completed bedrooms and bathrooms, but other family areas are not complete. 

Bathroom designs in Tembisa

The common Tembisa bathroom is slightly old fashioned and was clearly designed to serve only a functional purpose of the bathroom. They normally consist of a medium sized sink that is suitable for a family bathroom. Bathtubs are also the obvious choice for these style bathroom homes as it accommodates the whole family, although there are the more modern, newly built homes that contain a shower in one other bathroom. The typical Tembisa home usually has one bathroom per two bedrooms and one on suite bathroom in the master bedroom. 

Popular in these style homes is a completely wall to wall tiled bathroom. This maximises the usage of the entire bathroom as it helps manage the steam that expels from the hot water in the bath and showers, it makes the bathroom much easier to clean with just a wipe of a cloth or using a mop to cover more surface area. Bathrooms in this township are also normally the keeping place of a number of things, like a washing machine, cleaning supplies as well as a built in geyser or water heater. This must be taken into consideration when a professional bathroom designer is hired. 

The bathroom designer

A professional bathroom designer is a skilled designer who aims to come into a space and achieve the following things:

  1. A better and more useful layout of either a family or personal on suite bathroom, that will uncomplicate the current situation or even add on elements that might be missing and definitely needed. 
  2. Perhaps create a more spacious bathroom environment that the home needs for more people to use it or transforming a smaller bathroom by taking out a few unneeded elements to open up the room for better use. 
  3. Increasing the practicality of the bathroom to get as many functions into the room. This can be done by adding another wash basin, adding a shower or bathtub
  4. Giving the current bathroom a more attractive or aesthetic appearance by enhancing the decorative features or setting an overall cohesive mood. This would not only involve remodelling but minor constructive tasks.

In order to achieve these important factors the bathroom designer works closely with the client, the contractors involved in any remodelling or small construction as well as the technical factors such as the plumbing and pipe related functions. The designer is mainly concerned with creating and sticking to a strict planning process for what the client wants and needs, how they can come close enough to completing those needs and wants, and finally, sticking to the clients budget to the best of their ability.

How to hire a bathroom designer in Tembisa

Because of Tembisa's location and density in population, there are not many direct bathroom designers in the immediate location. Therefore, we can look at the closest surrounding areas that are available to clients in Tembisa. The surrounding areas to Tembisa are Kempton Park which is near the International Airport, Midrand which is adjacent to the township, Greenstone Hill and Edenvale which are both a little bit further but have great suppliers and designers. These areas are well populated with excellent interior designers who also have sufficient knowledge on bathroom design, as well as ample bathroom designers who are connected to well-stocked suppliers of materials and products in the area. 

A great way to find a professional bathroom designer in the above mentioned areas, would be to contact and meet with interior designers and bathroom experts who will have more contacts available at the ready. Many businesses are happy to suggest these professionals as they can collaborate to help the client in obtaining their dream bathroom. 

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