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Bathroom Designers in Newcastle

The city of Newcastle is found at the foothills of the northern KwaZulu-Natal Drakensburg Mountains, it is officially the third largest city in the province of KwaZulu Natal with a population of over 360,000 inhabitants. There large city can be divided up into Central Newcastle, Newcastle West home to over 56 thousand citizens, and Newcastle East where the townships of Madadeni and Osizweni. With the background of the stunning Drakensburg hills and mountains all around the city of Newcastle, there is much for tourists and citizens to experience in the surrounding areas. It is also very much so a nature focused city and area where there are numerous game lodges and guesthouses that offer accommodation and sightseeing experiences which are simply irresistible to the nature lovers out there.

What is a typical Newcastle home like

The citizens and residents of Newcastle have one of the most beautiful visual areas right in their backyard. Because of this, the typical newcastle home or residence is a modern but also the commonly found KwaZulu Natal sub tropical feel. Some of the common areas found in Newcastle are Signal Hill, Pioneer Park, Aviary Hill, Huttenheights, Newcastle Central, Barry Hertzog Park and Madadeni. These homes will most likely consists of three bedrooms and an accompanying two to three bathrooms somewhere in the house. 

Alongside this, the Newcastle home has other functional features such as a double door garage, long and wide front and back yard with pleasing surroundings. The bathroom in particular, will have such particular features that must be paid special attention to by a skilled and professional bathroom designer.

The Bathroom Designer

Much like the kitchen designer, the bathroom designer is a skilled professional who specializes in planning and decorating bathrooms. The bathroom designer must undergo and complete a bachelor's degree that specializes in interior design, through associate’s-level programs which are also available. Bathroom designers typically start a project or job by touring bathrooms that require remodelling or decorating and meeting with clients or prospective clients to understand their design needs. Once the specifications of the job or project is established, the bathroom designer now understands what the needs are of the job and client, they can conceptualize, analyze and create a structured design. The client must then confirm and approve the design brought forward, making sure that the designers have stuck to the given budget. Finally, the contractors are hired and briefed on the job, the needed materials are ordered and a prolonged timeline is set for the planned completion. 

Popular elements of a bathroom: Shower & Tub

1.  Bathtub

The bathtub is somewhat of great importance to any and every bathroom as it creates a centre to the room and draws the bathroom user to it. Among the many types of bathtubs that are available, here are some of the most popular types. There are freestanding tubs that do just as their name suggests, they stand alone. Within in this category, there are clawfoot bathtubs that are reminiscent of old royalties and luxury. 

The second type of bathtub that has been used by bathroom designers is the alcove bathtub. This type of bathtub is one of the most affordable bathtub to install as they are fitted perfectly into the three walls found in the bathroom. Another designers favourite in terms of bathtubs, is the drop-in bathtub which is similar to the freestanding bathtub, although this takes a lot more effort to be put in place. It will need a professional carpenter to install into the floor. 

Finally, a most luxurious choice for the bathroom designer is the corner bathtub, which is made after the creation of a hot tub. This gives the bathroom user the closest thing to a spa like experience with its foaming bubbles, and massage turbines. 

2.  Shower

The shower is also a pinnacle point in any bathroom, and comes in many shapes and sizes. The shower should have many standard features such as a door or a curtain depending on the size and purpose of the shower. A shower should also have a proper drainage system put into place, fit with plans in place to clear out the drain as well. There are a number of showers that are available, starting with the electric shower. The electric shower heats water on demand so that even when there is no electricity, the water shall pass through an element which heats the water. The second type of shower is a thermostatic shower. This type of shower prevents the risk of scalding or freezing when someone turns on a tap somewhere else or perhaps flushes the toilet. 

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