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About the city

Mbombela is located on the east side of South Africa and is known for its close location to many nature reserves, and outdoor destinations featuring an array of activities. With all that Mbombela has to offer, it attracts tourists visiting as well as property investors from all over the country as well as internationally. Bathroom designers in Mbombela frequently find themselves helping their clients create the best-looking bathrooms to suit their lifestyles and needs. 

Why is a bathroom so important?

Your bathroom is one of the most important places of the home. A redesigned bathroom has the potential to improve the overall value of the property as well as improve your personal luxury. Bathrooms are one of the living spaces people most often see, in other words, it's the thing that catches most people's eye. A beautiful bathroom shows off some great aesthetics, textures, and colours and takes the keen eye of a professional bathroom designer in Mbombela to help achieve this.

Their focus is on the following factors when it comes to designing a good bathroom:

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality finishes
  • Ease of use and space
  • Lighting (fixtures and natural light)

Those are just to name a few of the many things a bathroom designer can help you with.

What do bathroom designers do?

Bathroom designers are responsible for working closely with their clients in order to get the actual requirements of the project. The new bathroom after the renovation is completed will incorporate aspects that the client wishes to see as well as other innovative factors.

Bathroom designers in Mbombela are not only focused on aesthetics beauty in the overall design but also the safety and quality of the bathroom once completed. Most designers obtain a Bachelor's degree or Associate degree; this will also be accompanied by apprenticeship for hands-on experience in the trade.

How much to bathroom designers in Mbombela charge for a renovation?

It's difficult to put an exact price tag on this question because the price of each designer differs one from the other. Another thing is that the extent of the project may also influence the price and whether the materials are hard to source or not.

Some of the costings will depend on the number of tiles per square meter needed, as well as the fixture to use. If you're going for stones like marble and other lavish materials, you'll surely pay lots more than you are now. Some estimates for renovating a bathroom could cost around R14,000 including vanity and other fixtures (at entry level). On the mid-range of costs, it could easily amount to around R25,000 for a family bathroom, more exclusive fixtures and finishes will definitely increase the price to around R30,000-R45,000 (depending on how much the clients want to pay for items.

Your professional bathroom designer can also help you do a facelift of your bathroom so that you get the aesthetic approach to a new bathroom. So things like vanities, tiles and sometimes fixtures are replaced, but not necessarily all fixtures and plumbing factors. (Read more: The top 5 renovation projects for your home)

Essential elements in bathroom design

The great thing about hiring a qualified professional is the fact that they can help you make the best decisions when it comes to the rules and regulations. It isn't just about the way the bathroom is going to look at the end of the day, but also about how it will function and its positioning throughout its lifetime.

➣  The location

The bathroom location is very important, as this will accommodate things such as light and floor space. The location can be established when doing a new property but for existing bathrooms, owners may have to do with simply a facelift and keeping the existing location. Some properties are fortunate to have a bathroom with a view (a rare trait, but not at all impossible).

➣  The plumbing

Plumbing is extremely important, as this will allow for the proper flow of water both sewage and clear running waters. It's common practice to use shared plumbing walls in the property as this makes everything a bit easier as well as simpler to access if need be in an emergency. This is an affordable option and you can choose to change this in a way that will benefit you in the long-term with other conveniences. However, separate piping and plumbing systems may be more costly.

➣  Accessibility

The bathroom should be easily accessible for all parties of the household. An en-suite usually forms part of a bedroom and is thus simply a few metres away from the bed for that matter. Some bathrooms are centrally located as a shared unit between two or three rooms.

➣  Privacy

Bathrooms ought to be located away from living rooms and certain communal areas because it makes for better privacy while being used.

Have you decided on your bathroom designers in Mbombela to help you renovate or design your bathroom from scratch? 

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