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The city of Krugersdorp is located in the West Rand of the city of Johannesburg, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The city was created when gold was discovered on the west of the Witwatersrand, a need rose for a settling place for the workers involved in the mining businesses set up there. This area in Western Johannesburg has a predominant language that is spoken, that is Afrikaans. But of course, all of the eleven of the official South African languages are spoken. Krugersdorp is best known for its outdoor activities that are available. There is everything and anything you can think of of offer in Krugersdorp, from hot air ballooning, quad biking, scuba diving lessons, safaris by horse back and even bungee jumping. 

A typical home in Krugersdorp

Now, moving on to the homes that Krugersdorp has to offer. A typical West Rand home found in Krugersdorp has a famously large backyard and front garden, which usually comes with a pool. Besides these great features, there are also a number of family gathering rooms, such as a living room or a TV room, a dining room and sometimes a separate sitting room. These homes often have between two and four bedrooms on average, and because of this they will usually have between two and three bathrooms. The focus of this article is on the bathrooms mentioned. A bathroom has many factors that a professional bathroom designer has to focus on. The most important thing is that a bathroom designer must be able to logistically create and innovate a fully functional bathroom. 

What is a Bathroom Designer?

Basically, a bathroom designer is a skilled professional that has the job of making sure that the process of giving the client what they need and want to know what they can have, when the bathroom will be clearly established. The bathroom designer is hired to complete the task of gathering your tastes and requirements that must be within the clients' budget and standards. Although, the designer must will also be expected to clearly demonstrate their own personalised creative flare to their vision of what the bathroom should look like. 

Sometimes designers might even be able to help manage the project of re-doing or re-constructing a bathroom for the client as well. With this, the designer will recommend a team of skilled professional and trusted contractors to assist in the operations that will be needed for the re-model. A really good and involved bathroom designer will even arrange special deals with suppliers of materials and supplies. Many bathroom designers do not just start off as bathroom designers, they usually started off in occupational fields such as plumbing, tiling and interior design. Because of this background, a bathroom designer is skilled in practical and hands-on tasks that are usually associated with the building process. 

Basic bathroom elements

There are so many things and elements that are crucial when designing a bathroom professionally, but what are some of the most popular choices and options that both the designers and the clients seem to gravitate towards most of the time. In terms of the perfect bathroom, we can look at popular choices in the type of bathtub, the type and style of a shower, wash basins, and consideration should be given to the colour scheme and materials used to achieve all these elements in a cohesive way. These are some of the few elements that we will be focusing on in the section below. 

1.  Type of Bathtub

Some of the most popular types of bathtubs are the clawfoot bathtub, which is self explanatory. These bathtubs have animal like claws that are in the place of a normal standing leg. Another popular type of bathtubs is the alcove shape or style of bathtub. This is the style of bathtub is probably the common one, as it is fixed into the wall of the bathroom they are placed in. 

2.  Type of Shower

There are a few types of showers that might be different in a small way, but they all perform the same task. There is an electric shower which heat water on demand, which takes it from the main water supply and passes it over the heating element. Then there is a mixer type of shower, which mixes hot and cold water supplies, mixing the water in the shower unit as it comes out of the showerhead. Other types of showers include thermostatic, eco and digital. (Read more: 25 great ideas for your shower)

3.  Colour Scheme

This is an important factor especially in the eyes of the bathroom designer. The colour scheme used has to be able to cohesively blend with the materials used in the bathroom, with the appliances and features used (like faucets and shower head) as well as the decorative elements that the decorator must incorporate to add their own personal touch. 

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