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About the city

Kimberley, the capital and largest city in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, has a rich history thanks to its diamond-mining past and the siege during the Second Boer War. The first diamond was found in 1866 near Hopetown which led to the start of subsequent diamond rush.

The city is also home to various memorials, national monuments, and other architectural structures that speak of its rich history. A walk through Belgravia, the oldest residential suburb in Kimberley, will reveal a wealth of architectural gems from classic 1873 buildings to modern houses. Other well-known architectural structures include the Cathedral Church of St Cyprian (which has the longest nave in South Africa), and the Kimberley Baptist Church which was designed in the Byzantine style and based on the Italian synagogue in Florence.

What is a bathroom designer?

A bathroom designer can be seen as a type of interior designer specialising in bathrooms. A lot of bathroom designers also extend their skills and services into kitchens, and it's not uncommon for a professional to be known as a bathroom and kitchen planner / designer.

Using their knowledge of fittings, textures, colours, lighting, room layouts and a variety of other areas, bathroom designers work with clients to plan, design, decorate and / or renovate the bathrooms of residential houses, commercial restaurants, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, and various other spaces.

Aspiring bathroom designers usually complete a degree in interior design, followed by courses / programmes specialising in bathroom design. Lots of bathroom designers also start their careers by assisting relevant professionals such as interior designers, Plumbers, or Bathroom Fitters.

Why should I hire a bathroom designer?

➣  They have the experience: Apart from the years of study that a bathroom designer brings to the table, they also have the industry background. When it comes to designing a bathroom, which is one of the most important and used spaces in any establishment, it definitely helps to employ a professional who can draw on his skills and practice to ensure first-rate results. A bathroom designer will ensure that the final design best fits the needs and wants of the client, that all the materials and finishes fit, that the layout is practical, etc.

➣  They do this for a living: While a lot of homeowners will only try out a few DIY projects in their lifetime (which may not even include a giant task like redoing a bathroom), it is vital to use the expertise of a professional who does this type of project on a day-to-day basis. Just like technology, design trends, accessories, and materials constantly change, making it even more crucial to stick with a pro who stays up to date with these sorts of things.

➣  They have trusted relationships with vendors: Because of their profession, bathroom designers build up a network of suppliers, vendors, and other professionals in the industry. Making use of a bathroom designer for your new bathroom means you get to take advantage of this fact, like being privy to discounted prices on certain fixtures or materials that are available only to professional designers.

➣  They can save you time and money: Thanks to their knowledge, bathroom designers are more clued up on the right materials, finishes, and accessories to use for bathrooms. This cuts down on time looking for the right pieces, plus costs, as novice DIYers stand a better chance at acquiring the wrong elements but only realising it once installation is complete.

3 things to do before hiring a bathroom designer

➣  Do your research. You've probably spent lots of time fantasising about a bigger shower, claw-foot tub, and amazing lighting fixtures for your new bathroom. So, why would you want to rush picking a professional for the job? After drawing up a list of potential candidates for your project, narrow it down to at least three for interviews. Ask about past clients, but also do your own research online by looking for customer reviews.

➣  Ensure they are familiar with your kind of job. There is a difference between tearing out an entire bathroom to design a brand-new one, and only doing a few minor touch-ups to an existing space. Make sure the bathroom designer you are interviewing has experienced with your type of project in terms of size, scope and budget.

➣  Ask them to quote on everything. Ask all the potential candidates to provide quotations on your type of project, as comparing prices is one of the best ways to narrow it down. Make sure everything is quoted for: all new materials, relevant subcontractors, removing old fixtures, etc. And remember that even though it's natural to want to save money where possible, the cheapest quote is not always the right one – experience and reliability are far more important. Besides, you are looking forward to a beautiful bathroom that can put up with lots of wear and tear over its lifespan – you need to make sure the bathroom designer you employ is equally committed to providing you with what you want.

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