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Designing your bathroom takes time, creativity, and a good eye for detail. While you could pull this job off with a DIY touch, there are some difficult aspects to consider, especially if you're going to move pipes and fixtures. This is where the help of professional bathroom designers in Johannesburg comes in.

Johannesburg is known for its great looking buildings and posh houses, so it comes naturally when considering a revamping project that creating beautiful interiors may require the help of the pros. Bathroom designers can help you complete your perfect bathroom that you'll be happy with and enjoy.

What does a bathroom designer in Johannesburg do?

Bathroom designers are very creative professionals and are able to work closely with their clients, informing them of every step of their progress. They help you with the design, planning and budget of your bathroom revamp project. In some cases, the bathroom designer can supervise the project, overseeing the other contractors responsible for tiling and so forth.

Why should you hire a bathroom designer?

Depending on what they've studied in addition, bathroom designers may also have background knowledge in building, plumbing, tiling, and interior designing. They take into account the structure of the place and can see even more so, how to best use the space and make it more innovative.

Due to its complex nature, hiring a professional bathroom designer will go a long way in helping you to get the bathroom you've always wanted. With a professional, you're guaranteed to get quality and workmanship that you can depend on. The bathroom is usually the second most eye-catching part of the home, and if the bathroom doesn't look up to scratch then it generally sets a lower standard at face-value. However, a good-looking bathroom is always attractive and comfortable in every way.

Your bathroom designer in Johannesburg specialises in the following:

  • Creating the ideal bathroom suitable for their client's needs and lifestyle
  • Ensuring that the fixtures, plumbing, and other bath-related aspects are done correctly
  • They can help the clients to choose the best-suited fixtures
  • They can help their clients save money in the long run with a connection to contractors
  • They can help you increase the value of your home
  • Because of their technical ability, they can naturally find ways to create innovation
  • They can help you create better storage space

Basic dos and don'ts of bathroom designing: Tips that will help you make better decisions regarding your bathroom

While it's better to hire a professional bathroom designer, but here are some tips for things that you should and should not do.

✔ Do hire a bathroom designer and a plumber

While you may have thought that a plumber can help with everything including bathroom aesthetics, the truth is they only deal with piping and water-related aspects. Therefore, you can hire them if this is what you need seeing to, however, a designer will be able to help with the real aesthetic features and construction of the bathroom.

✘ Don't ignore old piping

This is what we mean by getting a plumber in on the project as well. Remodelling your bathroom is not only about changing the way it looks physically, but it is also about taking care of old pipework and geysers. These need to be fixed to avoid problems later on.

✔ Do get a bathroom designer to supervise

While you may think that supervising the contractors by yourself will help you save a penny, the truth is, that specialists know what to look out for and what the errors may be. You could miss vital things that may end up costing you later on.

✘ Don't skimp on quality and pretty fixtures

Because your bathroom adds value to your home when done right, it's good to put a bit extra in and get the good stuff. Opt for quality fixtures and beautiful pieces because, at the end of the day, your bathroom will be able to last you for a long time.

How can you tell if it's a good bathroom?

There are some distinct aspects to look out for in a great bathroom, these include but are not limited to the following:

  • Designed with great visuals  and layout in mind
  • Quality materials used
  • The bathroom is waterproofed efficiently
  • Good lighting
  • Efficient energy and water use
  • They consider safety first (slip proof tiles etc)

Bathroom designers in Johannesburg rates

When it comes to the rates of your professional, neither one can be the same as the next. Getting a few quotes and recommendations will help you decide on which professional you end up choosing to help you renovate your bathroom.

Have you decided on a bathroom designer for your home? You can find a variety of professionals on homify that will help you make even more than simply the best of your bathroom!

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