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Durban, located on South Africa's east coast, is one of our country's major tourism centres thanks to its warm subtropical setting, lush vegetation, and beautiful beaches. The city of Durban is known as a sophisticated cosmopolitan setting of over three million people.

In terms of leisure facilities, Durban has an abundance of options. These tourist hotspots have undoubtedly played a part in the rising prices of Durban properties, especially in the north of the city with the influx of new developments across the province. Durban's northern suburbs have attracted businesses and residential dwellers seeking a lifestyle which uniquely combines living, working, and playing. The result is that property prices have been increasing steadily over the past decade, with the area now presenting some of the most expensive properties in the greater Durban area. The property value of northern Durban is estimated to be in the billions.

Should I hire a bathroom designer?

If you've spent any time browsing homify and/or Pinterest, then you've undoubtedly seen millions of dream-worthy interiors ranging from bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms and patios. But while it's definitely fun to scope out such imagery detailing high-class spaces, physical remodelling projects can be quite tricky, especially since such projects go well beyond redecorating and might include installing elements like countertops and cabinet hardware.

A clever way to treat your home to a new bathroom is by enlisting the help of a professional bathroom designer. These licensed designers have the training, experience and skills to turn any outdated bathroom into a sublime space, guiding you (the client) from the planning stages to hiring the right contractors and right through to the final approval phase.

It would seem that in the modern DIY age, many of us are tempted to give our bathrooms (and other spaces) a new look without going the professional route. However, homeowners who have put their trust and money in the hands of a professional have undoubtedly discovered that when it comes to the hard part of a renovation project, not to mention working out the costs and logistics, it's best to trust an expert to get the most value for their money and sidestep costly mistakes.

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What are the advantages of hiring a bathroom designer?

It's crucial to hire a designer with a great track record and whom you feel comfortable with. A bathroom is much too important an area to be underdone. And since we all know how demanding life can be, getting a professional bathroom designer on your team means more time for your work, family, and general lifestyle without having to worry about smaller details like bathroom flooring, window treatment, etc.

Relying on an expert truly makes all the difference to details such as:

  • Ordering all the correct materials (in terms of finish, colour, shape, size, cost, etc.)
  • Coordinating the deliveries of all materials and elements required for the new bathroom
  • Scheduling all of the trades and workers
  • Overseeing and inspecting the project and ensuring it runs smooth from day one
  • Taking care of any surprises that might pop up along the way
  • And much, much more.

15 important questions to ask when interviewing a bathroom designer

1.    What does the average bathroom renovation / project similar to mine cost and what does it include? (the bathroom designer's answer will tell you whether you are in the right place in terms of budgetary goals – remember that it's important to have the rough dimensions of your bathroom, plus a few images of what you expect from your renovated bathroom couldn't hurt).

2.    How many years' experience do you have?

3.    Does a visit to my house form part of your preliminary consultation? What does it cost and include?  

4.    When will I get a copy of your design and elevations?

5.    Do you offer an all-inclusive service or must I hire my own contractors?

6.    If I want to buy my own materials, will you install them? How will this process work?

7.    Do you also fulfil the role of general contractor and take charge of the bathroom renovation from start to end? If so, what is included?

8.    What is your perceived timeline for my project? How soon will you start after receiving a deposit?

9.    How long have your crews been working with you? Does each crew have their own designated supervisor who is part of the project?

10.  How often will you, as the bathroom designer, visit the jobsite to oversee the process?

11.  How are the payments for my project structured?

12.  Can you show me picture of past projects similar to mine?

13.  Do you have any references and/or testimonials? (always be sure to search for customer feedback on independent websites to get a better understanding of what past clients think of the professional)

14.  What items / materials would you recommend I incorporate into the design in order to increase my home's resale value?

15.  Do you help selecting materials and finishes?

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