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2 Bathroom Designers in Boksburg

The mining town of Boksburg located on the East Rand of the city of Johannesburg, has a population of homeowners and those who intend on taking on a reconstruction or remodelling. As a result of the origins of this city, in present day it is a  heavily industrialised city that is known for its working communities and large manufacturing companies. Within the city of Boksburg, one can travel to see the East Rand Mall which a local watering hole for residents, supplying the neighboring residents with adequate shopping, food shopping and restaurants and entertainment activities. 

Homes found in the city of Boksburg typically have between two to three bedrooms, two family size bathroom and an on-suite bathroom, various leisure rooms such as a living room, a dining room, a pool house with a bar, and even a television room. These homes have a front and back garden, and sometimes there is a pool or a water feature included as well. The city of Boksburg has grown in population in recent years due to the rise in jobs available in the area, there has been an increase in gated communities. 

What do bathroom designers do?

A bathroom designer is a skilled, professional interior designer who happens to specialise in the designing of a bathroom. Bathroom designers bring together knowledge of textures, colours, spaces, and lighting to plan and decorate these bathrooms in many different locations, not just inside the home. A professional bathroom designer might also be designing bathrooms within restaurants, schools, hospitals and other public spaces.A professional bathroom designer also needs to understand the electrical and plumbing details that every bathroom needs as well as how to perform maintenance tasks on them. 

5 popular elements of a bathroom


The walls of a bathroom at first glance and thought might not be that important, but in reality they are very important. A bathrooms walls are built with materials that will ensure that the constant residue created by the water and steam. Because of these factors having to be taken into account, materials used to build the walls in a bathroom are commonly tiles and a variety of them. Concrete is also becoming a more popular material to be used in bathrooms as it is affordable, easy to clean, and versatile when decorating. 


Much like the materials that would have been used on the walls of a bathroom, can also be used on the floors. There are a few exceptions though, of the variation of tiles that are preferred for bathroom floors. A very popular and affordable option for a bathroom floor, especially a larger size one, is the glossy or glazed ceramic tile. The glossy shine is attractive and appealing because they are also very easy to clean, they are extremely affordable and they come in a variety of colours and shapes. If a glossy tile is not what you are looking for, then there is a ceramic matt tile. This is also affordable and sometimes a better option when the homeowner is looking for a more modern look in the bathroom. 

Windows or Ventilation

A bathroom is not complete without ensuring that there is a way for the air, steam or moisture to exit the room efficiently. The windows in a bathroom are usually lined with non-see through aids such as sand blasting a see through window. This makes it harder for onlookers to see into the bathroom. The bathroom windows may also be covered by venetian blinds usually made of aluminium, which is a stylish option for a modern bathroom. There is also a ventilation system that has been developed to help in those bathrooms where it is not possible for the room to have windows. This may be due to the location of the bathroom. This ventilation system works in such a way that it sucks up the air and steam as it reaches the vent. 

▶ Sinks and Toilets

The two most important factors that any bathroom needs is a sink and a toilet. In many cases especially in a family bathroom, there is more than one sink to cater to more than one person. There are many options for a sink in the eyes of a professional bathroom designer. There is a standard and most common round or circular sink that is preferred for its easiness to clean and easier drainage. There is also another option for rectangular shaped sinks  that are preferred in more modern homes, as well as a popular addition, the oval or opaque shape which also a good choice for a modern home. 

▶ Bathtubs and Showers

The areas that one would wash or clean themselves. This is a sacred place for many people, which demands privacy and the utmost comfort. There is a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours, designs and materials used. 

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